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Cash-For-Work: A Temporary Lifeline at Za'atari Refugee Camp

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

Oxfam's cash-for-work programs provide income opportunities for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Two people wearing Oxfam branded fluorescent green vests and work gloves separate card board to our left. To our right a woman wearing a dark red headscarf covering her face looks at the distance. She's also wearing the Oxfam branded vest.

 “Before we feared dying of war, now we fear dying of hunger”: Ukraine crisis propelling hunger in Syria

Tags: Conflict and War, Hunger

Eleven years after the Syrian conflict began, six in 10 Syrians do not know where their next meal is coming from, according to Oxfam. It warned that reliance on imports…

Conflict, Climate Change and COVID-19 Drive Extreme Hunger

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Hunger

The effects of conflict, COVID-19 and climate change have intensified the global hunger crisis. Here are some of the world's hunger hotspots.

Woman in black hijab with her four children sitting in a circle around a metal pan that has pieces of potatoes divided amount each other. Woman is peeling the potatoes sitting in front of faded blue concrete wall and stone floor.

After 10 years of war in Syria, families now endure economic crisis

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Feminist Aid

Oxfam continues its work to assist families surviving a decade of war in Syria, but every day in Syria is a struggle to survive.

Woman in green dress and mauve hijab sits in front of garden preparing food over white and green buckets.

Oxfam reaction to passage of UN Security Council resolution to extend cross-border aid into Syria

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

In response to news that the UN Security Council’s resolution allowing cross-border aid into Syria was renewed but modified, allowing for one cross-border response, and excluding the crucial Al-Yaroubiyeh crossing,…

12,000 people per day could die from COVID-19 linked hunger by end of year, potentially more than the disease, warns Oxfam

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Eight of the biggest food and beverage companies pay out USD $18 billion to shareholders as new epicentres of hunger emerge across the globe As many as 12,000 people could…

Syria crisis: Hunger spreading amid COVID-19 and economic collapse

Tags: Hunger, Refugees and Internal Displacement

International agencies call for Brussels Conference to address fall-out from the pandemic Syrians who have already endured almost a decade of war and displacement are now facing unprecedented levels of…

Statement of Concern - Northwest Syria

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Conflict and War

As violence continues to escalate in northwest Syria, 10 Canadian aid agencies are warning that the number of people displaced could reach one million by next week unless immediate action…

How everyday items celebrate solidarity and our shared humanity

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

In November 2019, Oxfam Canada travelled to five Canadian cities to help present our award-winning exhibit Museum Without a Home.

Laila fleeing conflict with her family

Brussels Syria conference: Donors must support without reservation or restriction

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement, Violence Against Women and Girls

As the international community came together for the 7th consecutive year to commit to helping Syrians inside their country, as well as refugees and their hosts, Oxfam called today for…

Brussels Syria conference: Syrians don’t need handouts, they need to rebuild their lives

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Oxfam and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) today called on governments and other donors to provide more funding to help Syrians recover from eight years of conflict and rebuild their…

What she knows matters. #Askher

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Some days, I feel like a feminist future has never been so close at hand. Female foreign ministers gathered for the first time ever in Montreal this September to find…

OXFAM: Thousands of Syrians out of reach of aid

by | Replace this with image credit information Amid scorching summer temperatures, thousands of Syrians have been forced from their homes due to the recent fighting in Dar’a Thousands of…

Oxfam reaction to Syria air strikes

In response to the U.S., French and British air strikes on Syria, Moutaz Adham, Country Director, Oxfam in Syria said: “While chemical attacks should be effectively deterred, choosing to use…

Seven years of war in Syria

Tags: Emergency Response

Seven long years after the Syria crisis began, the situation remains bleak. Individual children, women and men continue to bear the brunt of a conflict marked by enormous human suffering,…


Still no real progress one year after landmark UN refugee pledge

The Declaration, first adopted last September, reaffirmed the responsibility of all nations to refugees, and laid out a two-year timeline for countries to develop and agree on a “global compact”…

Hope and resilience: Sylvie’s life in Buporo refugee camp

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger, Refugees and Internal Displacement, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls, Water

When Sylvie’s husband died of disease in Buporo refugee camp, it was not only heartbreaking for this young mother and her four children. It was also terrifying. Sylvie’s days became…


Oxfam calls for greater G7 support for Syria peace talks

As G7 foreign ministers meeting in Lucca, Italy, failed to reach agreement on sanctions, Oxfam has called for a renewed push on Syria peace talks.  Elisa Baccioti, Oxfam’s Campaigns Director…

No escape for Syrians seeking safety six years after first protests - Oxfam

Six years since the demonstrations that triggered the descent into a brutal civil war, millions of Syrians are bearing the brunt of increasingly restrictive policies around the world and inside…

How a Syrian lawyer saw his American dream turned upside down

Tags: Emergency Response

When Syrian refugee Feras Almouqdad, 29, received a call inviting him to undergo the vetting process to be resettled in the United States, he was over the moon. Today, he…


Less than 3% of five million Syrian refugees resettled in rich countries: Oxfam

Less than three per cent of nearly five million refugees living in Syria’s neighbouring states have been resettled in rich countries according to a new report published today by Oxfam.…

Oxfam response to news of execution-style killings in Aleppo

In response to news of execution-style killings in Aleppo, Andy Baker, Oxfam’s Regional Program Manager for the Syria crisis response, said: “Oxfam is deeply concerned at reports that dozens of…

Oxfam Canada response the unfolding situation in Aleppo, Syria

"It is only now that residents of east Aleppo – who have faced intense and sustained bombardment by air and by land for years – are fleeing across conflict lines.…

Oxfam provides new generator to improve water supply to people in besieged East Aleppo under attack with little food, water and healthcare

Oxfam moved Wednesday a huge generator across conflict lines to East Aleppo to help improve the water supply, but all other aid to the besieged area remains cut off. More…

Oxfam’s reaction to the attack on an aid convoy in Aleppo

Andy Baker, Oxfam’s lead for the Syria Crisis Response, said: “There is absolutely no excuse for the shocking attack yesterday on an aid convoy in rural Aleppo. The aid workers…

Oxfam Canada response to Prime Minister Trudeau’s address at the United Nations General Assembly

Tags: Advocacy in Canada

In response to Prime Minister Trudeau’s address at the United Nations General Assembly, Oxfam Canada’s Director of Policy, Lauren Ravon, said: “We are proud to see Prime Minister Trudeau taking…

Nearly 400,000 civilians cut off from aid in Aleppo and Manbij since Syria support group pledged to secure access

More than 300,000 civilians in Aleppo and an estimated 60,000 in the Manbij area, Syria, have been cut off from aid in the last three weeks, marking a shameful deterioration…

A Life Displaced is Still a Life with Hope and Dreams

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

By Melanie Gallant, Oxfam Canada’s Media Relations Officer Whether through civil war or other forms of conflict, natural disasters or climate related disasters such as drought, the global scale of…


Canada one of only three countries to resettle 'fair share' of Syrian refugees

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

Oxfam’s new analysis shows that only three countries – Canada, Germany and Norway – have made resettlement pledges exceeding their ‘fair share’, which is calculated according to the size of…

In reaction to the announcement of a ceasefire being announced in some parts of Syria, Oxfam Canada’s Executive Director, Julie Delahanty, said:

Tags: Conflict and War, Violence Against Women and Girls

"The ceasefire might not be complete or nation-wide, but it is the first de-escalation measure in the conflict in a long time, and an important development on the road to…

Money for aid vital and welcome, but other actions needed as peace talks fail in Geneva

In response to billions of dollars being pledged by governments today to help Syrians engulfed in the country's conflict, Andy Baker, Regional Program Manager for Oxfam's Syria crisis response said:…

Canada generous, but most wealthy nations fall short in supporting Syrians affected by conflict

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Rich countries meeting in London this week must commit to real changes that will improve the lives of millions of Syrians, said Oxfam today. Aid funding and resettlement places offered…

A new year brings renewed hope for peace and equality

Tags: Emergency Response

Written by Julie Delahanty Executive Director, Oxfam Canada Canadians couldn’t have asked for a more optimistic start to 2016 than to begin the new year knowing that our country will…


Aid agencies: One-off aid convoys won’t save starving Syrians

Tags: Conflict and War

International aid agencies working in Syria today expressed relief that a convoy of food aid and other first need items was finally allowed into Madaya where people have reportedly been…

As winter settles in, refugees from Syria face increasing hardship

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

by Joelle Bassoul, Media Advisor for Oxfam in Beirut  Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria have seen another winter descend on the Middle East, for some this is their…

Oxfam staff responding to Syrian refugee crisis in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Oxfam welcomes the Government of Canada's extension of the Syrian Emergency Relief Match Fund

Tags: Advocacy in Canada

Ottawa, January 7, 2016 – As winter takes hold, conditions for those affected by the conflict in Syria continue to worsen. In the face of ongoing need, Oxfam welcomes today’s…

Thanking and giving in the Syrian refugee camps of Lebanon

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

I have a lot to be thankful for. Good health, a loving family, a home and a gratifying job. But like many, I often take these blessings for granted.  This…


Utterly inadequate international response for Syrians both in and outside borders, says new Oxfam report

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

The international community is proving utterly inadequate in helping Syrians both inside and outside their country. Oxfam’s damning verdict is in a new report today Solidarity with Syrians that analyses…

Oxfam welcomes the Government of Canada’s Emergency Relief Fund for the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

Oxfam welcomed the Government of Canada’s announcement of a $100 million matching fund program for the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Ann Witteveen, Humanitarian Manager for Oxfam Canada, said: “The tragic photo…

Syria: A Lasting Solution in the Wake of Needless Tragedy

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

The searing images of three-year-old Alan Kurdi have moved through cyberspace and galvanized reaction around the world. People everywhere are shocked and saddened in witnessing the tragedy of a little…

Lack of funding leads to World Food Program cuts for Syrian refugees - a dangerous development, says Oxfam

Tags: Conflict and War, Hunger, Refugees and Internal Displacement

The World Food Programme has announced it is to significantly reduce food vouchers for refugees living outside of camps in Jordan in August, while maintaining the same levels of assistance…

4 million Syrian refugees registered in neighbouring countries: UNHCR

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

The number of Syrian refugees registered in neighbouring countries has hit the 4 million mark, announced the UNHCR today. Oxfam says it is more than time for governments to step-up…

In Focus: Syria, World Refugee Day

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Written by: Adeline Guerra, Regional Campaigns and Communications adviser Children hide behind water tanks while clothes dry outside flimsy tents in the Mediterranean sunshine. We have arrived at a refugee…


Moving story of Syrian refugees told through their phones in ‘District Zero’ documentary

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

The trailer of documentary, produced by Oxfam and the European Commission, will be presented on 20th June to mark World Refugee Day ‘District Zero’ features Maamun – one of 55…


Oxfam supplying water to more than a million people in Syria, seeks to expand operations

Tags: Water

Oxfam is planning to expand its response to the Syrian crisis as it renews an agreement with the government in Damascus. Oxfam is currently helping to provide water for more…


Oxfam's reaction to humanitarian pledging conference for Syria

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Andy Baker who leads Oxfam’s response to the Syria crisis said: “While some donors have been generous in Kuwait, the total aid pledged is less than half the amount needed…


International appeals for Syria crisis less than 10% funded

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Aid agencies estimate that $8.7 billion is needed in 2015 to support 18 million people in Syria and neighbouring countries, the equivalent of approximately one US dollar per person per…


Local ceasefires could be a path to peace in Syria

Tags: Emergency Response

Syrian civil society leader and astrophysicist Rim Turkmani may live in the UK, where she is raising her young children while juggling her academic duties with her peacebuilding activities, but…


Ask world leaders to act now #withSyria

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Four years since it began, the Syrian crisis continues to deepen, and the human suffering is greater than ever before. Women and children are particularly affected by the violence. Satellite…


Aid agencies give UN Security Council a 'failing grade' on Syria

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Three of Canada’s largest humanitarian aid agencies, Oxfam, Save the Children and World Vision, today released a scathing critique of how the United Nations Security Council has failed to alleviate…


Noor - A Syrian Refugee Teaching Hope

Tags: Emergency Response, Women's Transformative Leadership

Noor, 30, fled the war in Syria with her handicapped husband and two children, a girl, 4, and a boy, 3. She is a teacher by training and has set…


Syria: A stain on the conscience of the world

Tags: Emergency Response

By Daniel Gorevan Ignored Security Council resolutions, escalating conflict and political inertia: Syria’s suffering civilians deserve better. Enormous numbers have had to flee violence in Syria. People of all political…


Thousands of Syrian refugees battle a winter storm with limited means

Thousands of Syrian refugees battle a winter storm with limited means As the icy driving rain leaked into their flimsy tent and the blustering wind rocked their makeshift home in…


Syria refugee resettlement

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

Humanitarian and human rights agencies urge governments to resettle 5% refugees from Syria by end 2015 Over 30 international organizations are calling on governments meeting in Geneva tomorrow to commit…


Palestinian refugees from Syria: A story of perpetual displacement

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Bright peeled paint covers humidity stains on the walls. An old bed has been pushed into a corner. Thin mattresses are strewn on the floor. Clothes hang on a lonely…


Syrian refugees in Jordan: ‘A bomb flattened our brand new home’

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

“To reach the Jordanian border, we walked for more than an hour at night. I was holding my 2-months old son tightly, my heart pounding with fear. When I got…


International response to Syria failing on ‘every front’

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

The international response to Syria is failing on three fronts – insufficient aid, meagre resettlement offers and continued arms transfers – Oxfam warns in a report published today. Oxfam is…


"Have faith in Syrian women. We can do anything."

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Jenny Enarsson, Oxfam's Syria crisis response gender advisor, explains why including Syria's women in negotiations is critical for the peace process. A few days after the high-profile summit on ending…


As the anniversary of Syria crisis approaches, refugees surveyed say they fear they will not see Syria again

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

More than 65 per cent of refugees surveyed by Oxfam fear they may not be able to go back to Syria despite desperately wanting to return. Oxfam researchers surveyed 151…


Oxfam Canada reacts to GoC pledge of additional humanitarian aid in Syrian conflict

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Refugees and Internal Displacement

In response to Prime Minister Harper's announcement of additional humanitarian support to the Syrian people during his visit to the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan, Oxfam Canada's Executive Director Robert…


Geneva II offers best chance for a political solution to Syria Crisis: Must start with commitment to halt violence and improve humanitarian situation

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

"We need to see an immediate halt to the violence, which is tearing Syria apart, and concrete steps for improving the humanitarian situation." Shaheen Chughtai, Oxfam’s advisor on humanitarian and…


Snowstorm in Lebanon beginning of winter misery for thousands of Syrian refugees

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

Oxfam appeal to help refugees more important than ever  The severe snowstorm this week in Lebanon is just the beginning of the winter misery for the hundreds of thousands of…