It's time for women to make a power play. We need more women at the table when decisions are made in government, organizations and homes.

Women are far more likely than men to be poor and powerless because of a broken system.

The research is clear: when women exercise their rights, our world is better. It's less poor, more peaceful, and more just. It's a better place for everyone. Supporting women to be leaders is the key to ending poverty.

Increasing the number of women in the room or elevating more women to power is not enough. To press forward with lasting change, we must address the reasons why women are not there in the first place:

  • discrimination and gender inequality
  • a broken system that rewards wealth and power, of which women have the least
  • deep rooted social norms, attitudes and behaviours

Why transformative leadership for women's rights?

Worldwide, women are fewer than 21% of national legislators
During peace talks, women make up just 10% of negotiators at the table
Women represent only 9% of police and 27% of judges worldwide

I am an empowered and employed woman, and very passionate about sharing and exploring ways to support other women, young widows and young generations who are currently being suppressed by the cultural and traditional expectations we’re subject to." 

Ipaishe, Zimbabwe
Farmer and participant in Oxfam's livelihoods and leadership programs

What is Oxfam Doing?

Our work enables women and men to work together to create policies and practices that are fair, lasting and sustainable. Everywhere we work, we emphasize human rights, gender equality, participation and respect for dignity.

Together with local organizations in more than 90 countries, we invest in projects that break power dynamics and transform entire communities. Our projects support women to become leaders in every aspect of their lives.

Women-led Design

Designing programs for women, with women and women's rights organizations.


Breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of women having power over their lives.


Getting to the root causes and working with communities for lasting change

Women Unlimited

When a woman is able to make a fair living, have a say in the decisions that affect her life, and live without fear, she will use her unlimited potential to help end poverty – not just for herself, but for everyone.

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Oxfam distributed hygiene kits in Sankhu. The kits contain a bucket for clean water, a bar of soap, oral rehydration salts, and towels, helping people to meet their basic sanitation needs. Oxfam also provided the community with emergency latrines to help prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases. In Sankhu, 980 houses collapsed when an 7.9 earthquake struck Nepal on April 2015. Photo Credit: Aubrey Wade / Oxfam


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Oxfam volunteers are sorting out hygiene kits before a distribution at the camp in Cox's Bazar. Oxfam is providing hygiene kits to refugees to maintain their hygiene and menstrual health. Photo Credit: Maruf


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