In reaction to the announcement of a ceasefire being announced in some parts of Syria, Oxfam Canada’s Executive Director, Julie Delahanty, said:

"The ceasefire might not be complete or nation-wide, but it is the first de-escalation measure in the conflict in a long time, and an important development on the road to a more sustainable halt to the violence. When guns and bombs are silenced, people are better able to leave their homes and shelters, go to the market, get food, water and medical care. It is critical for Syrians living in besieged areas to have access to those basic services too. And while some aid has been delivered to besieged areas, a step change in people's living conditions will only happen with full and unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid.

"Oxfam is also concerned that women’s voices – including established civil society organizations and small groups responding to the situation – have been sidelined in the search for peace and a political solution to this conflict. We know from conflicts around the world that higher participation of women raises the likelihood of success of peace building processes. Women’s organizations must be at the table to find a sustainable solution to this five-year conflict. Parties implementing the ceasefire, and the international community, must take this into account as they work to achieve peace."

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