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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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and Practice
at Oxfam

Oxfam’s cutting edge thinking, research and evaluation are shaping the future of poverty policy and women’s rights.

Our Practice Areas

Our research, analysis and policy work is shaped by the following themes and issues.

Women's Economic Justice

The evidence is clear: when girls and women ­­– in all their diversity – are healthy, educated, included, and can make decisions about their own lives and bodies, and lead change in their communities, countries and the world, there is a ripple effect and everyone benefits.

Gender in

Evidence shows a strong link between gender equality and peace. Countries where women are empowered are vastly more secure. Helping women realize their rights in fragile countries helps prevent conflict and increases the likelihood of sustainable peace.

Gender and Extractive Industry

Oxfam research reveals an entrenched gender bias in the extractive sector: jobs and economic benefits tend to go to men; and negative social impacts in mining-dependent communities disproportionately affect women.

Feminist Aid and Foreign Policy

With a feminist Prime Minister and a government committed to feminist policy making, there is a real opportunity for Canada to take a global leadership role in accelerating progress for women and girls, especially those living in poverty.

About Policy and Practice

We’re a team of policy experts and thought leaders who collaborate with communities, local partners and governments around the world to study how policy impacts women experiencing poverty by pilot solutions, harnessing the power of evidence, and fuelling the discourse to create change.

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