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The holiday season is a chance to take stock of what is truly precious in life. This season, give to families who are in dire need of your help.
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Give a goat. Give a gift that changes lives. A gift of livestock can create greater self-sufficiency, self-esteem and educational opportunities for a community.
[Photo: A boy holds a young goat in his arms] Give a Goat $58 | Give Independence

We will not send our daughter to be killed

In our frontline work, Oxfam has seen the impact of rampant and horrifying abuse against women and girls in the countries where we work. Beatings. Rape. Dowry murder. Torture. Child marriage. And we MUST change that.
We will Not send our daughter to be killed


The international community cannot sit by as women, men, and children go hungry, cold, and sick while being bombed.    ... more
Delahanty - a recognized feminist leader and women’s rights advocate - joins a community of Canada’s most iconic women leaders    ... more



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Challenging what’s normal. #endGBV
At least 1 in 3 women around the world have experienced physical or sexual violence perpetrated by a partner; half of women victims of homicide are killed by their partners or family members; 1 in 5 women were abused as girls; and tens of millions of girls every    ... more
Julia - Tanzania
Despite passage of laws that recognize women’s rights, barriers to gender equality in Tanzania remain. After being severely beaten by her husband, Julia asked the Morogoro Paralegal Centre (MPLC), an Oxfam partner, for help.    ... more
Shortchanged: make work paid, equal and valued for women.
Addressing the unequal economics of women’s work is essential to closing the gap in earnings and opportunities between women and men, and between rich and poor. With a feminist Prime Minister and a government committed to inclusive growth, Canada is well placed to    ... more