What She Knows Matters

Put power and decision making in the hands of women affected by conflict worldwide.
Join our movement. Let's commit to aid that listens.
Photo of a woman looking at the camera.

Museum without a home

Join us for an evening of art, food and music as we support a movement to put power and decision-making ability in the hands of women forced to flee conflict worldwide.
Museum without a home tour

Oxfam assessing damage after earthquake and tsunami

A massive earthquake and tsunami hit Indonesia's coastal towns in the country’s central island of Sulawesi on Friday.
Tsunami Palu hits Indonesia

Hunger and Famine Crises

This is a crisis we cannot ignore. Worsening hunger and the spread of famine are imminent, but not yet inevitable. We can still stop the spread of famine and prevent a catastrophic loss of life if we act now.
Food Crisis: More than 20 million people are at risk

Creating space to tackle child marriage in Bangladesh

Being married early comes with so many costs and the consequences are immense. Creating Spaces, is helping to tackle violence against women and child marriage in Bangladesh.
Young women in a Creating Spaces community group in Fazilpur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh raising their hands when asked, “who got married before they were ready?”


The Index comes ahead this week’s meeting of finance ministers, central bank governors, and other economic leaders at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Annual Meeting in Bali, Indonesia.    ... more
Water pipes were damaged in the 7.5-magnitude earthquake that struck on 28 September, and the city has become dependent on a fleet of water trucks that are under huge strain to meet demand.    ... more
Women’s movements and civil society groups more broadly have always been drivers of social and political progress, and are key actors in advancing greater peace and security across the globe.    ... more



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Oxfam Report 2018 Protected and Powerful
Humanitarian crises are hard for everyone, though particularly difficult for women and girls. They face increased risk of violence, exhausting workloads to ensure their families survive and lack full control over decisions that affect the trajectories of their    ... more
 Julie Delahanty, Oxfam Canada Executive Director, visiting Oxfam’s cash for work program in a refugee camp, Gambela region of Ethiopia.
On the heels of ‘grave errors’ in the humanitarian sector, aid groups are pledging to redouble efforts to prevent the sexual exploitation and abuse of the world’s most vulnerable.    ... more
Communities relocated to make way for gold mines in Ghana struggle with loss of agricultural land, unemployment, and environmental damage. Neil Brander/Oxfam America.
Being such a global hub for mining finance and expertise, Canada is uniquely positioned to influence and change the mining industry.    ... more