Crisis in Yemen

Yemen is in the midst of a massive humanitarian crisis that only continues to deteriorate. 22.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, and 240,000 people have been pushed into catastrophic levels of hunger and almost 20 million – two-thirds of the population - are reliant on food aid to survive.
Yemen, Khulood and her grandmother

What She Knows Matters

Put power and decision making in the hands of women affected by conflict worldwide.
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Photo of a woman looking at the camera.

Hunger and Famine Crises

This is a crisis we cannot ignore. Worsening hunger and the spread of famine are imminent, but not yet inevitable. We can still stop the spread of famine and prevent a catastrophic loss of life if we act now.
Food Crisis: More than 20 million people are at risk


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People forced to flee their homes are set for a winter struggle to survive in areas of the country which are one step away from famine and often without adequate shelter to protect them or fuel to keep them warm as temperatures plummet.     ... more



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Romida lives in Shafiullah Ghata Camp with her husband and five children, including her newborn baby. Romida gave birth on the floor of her shelter with no medical support.
Despite huge progress made, I can’t fully rejoice while so many women across the world continue to face impossible choices every day.    ... more
Oxfam Report 2018 Protected and Powerful
Humanitarian crises are hard for everyone, though particularly difficult for women and girls. They face increased risk of violence, exhausting workloads to ensure their families survive and lack full control over decisions that affect the trajectories of their    ... more
 Julie Delahanty, Oxfam Canada Executive Director, visiting Oxfam’s cash for work program in a refugee camp, Gambela region of Ethiopia.
On the heels of ‘grave errors’ in the humanitarian sector, aid groups are pledging to redouble efforts to prevent the sexual exploitation and abuse of the world’s most vulnerable.    ... more