Meet Our Fundraisers

If you are contacted over the phone or approached at the door by a fundraiser talking animatedly about ending global poverty, then you have met one of our Oxfam Frontliners!

Frontliners & Tele-Fundraising

The Frontliners are a team of dedicated, Oxfam ambassadors whose mission is to galvanize individuals to join us in our fight to end poverty and advance women’s rights through ongoing contributions.

Our canvassers have one-on-one conversations about our programs and their impact with the individuals that they meet, inviting them to support our work with a monthly gift. The interactions are one of the most effective ways Oxfam engages people to raise funds and awareness in support of our poverty-fighting work.

Whether it’s thanking you for your continued support, or galvanizing you to join our movement through ongoing contributions – the Frontliners are reaching out to Oxfam allies every day, to update you on our current efforts and their impact.

 Our Frontliners

This image is a grid layout of 7 circle-shaped head shots with each person's first name appearing below their image. Their names are Ariel, Theo, Alexia, Dionne, Rachel, Ishpreet and Sandra.

How do I know if I’ve met a legitimate Oxfam Frontliner?

Frontliners will identify themselves as such, and will have information on you as an Oxfam supporter that you have provided for us in the past. They may ask to confirm some of your missing details, which helps us form a better picture of who our supporter demographics are and stay better connected to them – such as date of birth and/or email. Frontliners will have strong knowledge about Oxfam’s initiatives, and will invite you to support us through our monthly giving program. Your donation is confirmed instantly through email and SMS. Frontliners will be calling out through the following phone lines:

(647) 372-5230
(647) 955-6031
(604) 265-1938

Note that we also work with a trusted fundraising partner called Public Outreach, who will be calling through the following phone lines:

(514) 437-3818
(647) 794-3420
(604) 424-4460

 How do I know my donations will be securely processed?

Your security and privacy are a priority to us, which is why Frontliners process donations through a platform that is PCI DSS Level1 1 Compliant called Evergiving. Learn more about Evergiving security, privacy and PCI compliance here. If you are donating through your credit card, the Frontliner will be transferring you to an automated payment system that will allow you to input your payment details securely and remove any exposure of the card information to the agent, keeping the donation process PCI compliant.

 Can I just donate online or by mail?

You may of course donate through whichever channel you prefer. However, we do encourage that you get involved through our Frontliners if they have inspired you to give! This enables us to track the efficacy of each of our campaigns with accuracy, towards which we are investing valued funds. Not only can our Frontliners get the recognition they deserve for their efforts, it also helps us better understand which of our campaigns are inspiring a positive response from our supporters. This information is valuable to us, and helps guide our future fundraising activities. If you’ve spoken to one of our Oxfam Frontliners and would like to get involved as a monthly donor, or support with a one-time contribution, kindly leave the name of the Frontliner you interacted with in the Comments box of our donation form by clicking the button below!

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