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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Our Fundraising

If you’ve been approached over the phone or at the door by someone talking passionately about ending global poverty, you have likely met an Oxfam Frontliner!

Frontliners & Tele-Fundraising

The Frontliners are a team of dedicated, Oxfam ambassadors whose mission is to galvanize individuals to join us in our fight to end poverty and advance women’s rights through ongoing contributions.

The one-to-one conversations they have each and every day is one of the most effective ways Oxfam engages people around the world about or programs and their impact. Globally, these young, passionate individuals are responsible for inspiring over 70% of new givers to get involved with Oxfam!

Our Frontliners

This image includes the headshots and names of Oxfam Canada's fundraisers, including Miko Philip, Ariel Ross, Alexia Simmonds, Rupert Robinson, Kimiya Kazemi, Tadiwa Nayashanu and Rachel Patrick.

Is it safe to have fundraisers out during a pandemic?

The need for Oxfam’s life-saving and inequality-ending work is greater now than ever before. This is why we need our Frontliners engaging as many individuals as they can, providing them with an opportunity to take positive action against the spread of this virus and be a part of the solution. The health and safety of our fundraisers and the public are of the highest priority to Oxfam. All Frontliners are required to complete the COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire prior to beginning their work and are equipped with all the tools necessary to remain sanitary and eliminate contact. Frontliners are provided with personal hand sanitizer bottles, face coverings, contactless door knockers and distancing floor mats to ensure that the recommended physical distance is maintained at all times at the door. Through the Evergiving platform, fundraisers are able to facilitate a contactless sign-up process, whereby donors can scan a QR code from a distance or receive an SMS link that enables them to input their details on their own mobile phone.

How do I know if I’ve met a legitimate Oxfam Frontliner?

Tele-Fundraisers will identify themselves as such on the call and will have information that you have provided for us in the past. They may ask to confirm some of your missing details, which helps us understand who our supporters are and stay better connected to them – such as date of birth and/or email.

Frontliners will be calling you through the following phone lines only:
(604) 251-0777
(647) 249-0274

Our Door-to-Door Frontliners are currently campaigning in Vancouver. They wear shirts or vests with Oxfam Canada’s logo, a prominently displayed name tag and carry materials with them – such as a physical distancing floor mat and iPads with which to get donors involved. Frontliners do not solicit or accept cash donations. All Frontliners will have strong knowledge about Oxfam’s initiatives, and will invite you to support us through our monthly giving program. Your donation is confirmed instantly through an email and SMS. If you are still unsure whether a canvasser who has visited or called you is a legitimate Oxfam Frontliner, you can reach us at 1-800-GO-OXFAM or , and a member of our Donor Relations Team can help verify this for you.

How do I know my donations will be securely processed?

Frontliners process your donations through a secure platform called Evergiving. The Evergiving system is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant. Learn more about Evergiving security, privacy and PCI compliance here. If you are donating through one of or tele-fundraising Campaigns, the Frontliner will be transferring you to an automated payment system which will allow you to input your payment details securely, removing any exposure of the card information to the agent, keeping the donation process PCI compliant. If you are donating through one of our door-to-door campaigns, the Frontliner will trigger an SMS to your phone. Opening the SMS link will ask you to enter a one-time password generated by the Frontliner. Upon entering, you will be taken to a secure page where you are able to input your payment details privately.

Can I just donate online or by mail?

You may of course donate through whichever channel you prefer. However, we do encourage that you get involved through our Frontiners if they have inspired you to give! This enables us to track the effectiveness of each of our campaigns with accuracy, towards which we are investing valued funds. Not only can our Frontliners get the recognition they deserve for their efforts, it also helps us better understand which of our campaigns are inspiring a positive response from our supporters. This information is valuable to us, and helps guide our future fundraising activities. If you’ve spoken to one of our Oxfam Frontliners and would like to get involved as a monthly donor, please click here and kindly leave the name of the Frontliner you interacted with in the Comments box! If you would like to support us with a one-time contribution, please click here.

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