Oxfam Canada response the unfolding situation in Aleppo, Syria

November 29, 2016

"It is only now that residents of east Aleppo – who have faced intense and sustained bombardment by air and by land for years – are fleeing across conflict lines. This is a sign of how extreme the situation is in the east of the city, and the fact their safety is far from guaranteed in government held areas. The government of Syria and their armed allies must ensure fleeing civilians are safe and their rights are respected – no reprisal attacks, arbitrary detention or disappearances.

The vast majority of East Aleppo residents remain in the besieged and bombarded enclave. They are sheltering where they can, with little food and water. They are in desperate need of urgent and life-saving help and international action to stop the attacks on civilians. For their part, armed groups in Aleppo must facilitate civilians fleeing should they take the risk to do so.

The international community cannot sit by as women, men, and children go hungry, cold, and sick while being bombed."


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