Oxfam reaction to Syria air strikes

April 16, 2018

In response to the U.S., French and British air strikes on Syria, Moutaz Adham, Country Director, Oxfam in Syria said:

“While chemical attacks should be effectively deterred, choosing to use military force to do so risks escalating the crisis, putting civilians, who have already suffered so much, at even greater risk.

“World leaders must work together to end the suffering of Syria’s civilians including through a national ceasefire and prioritizing peace talks over military solutions. Increased military intervention could damage the prospects for internationally-brokered peace talks, escalate the violence, and threaten regional stability.

“All parties to the conflict and their international supporters must strictly adhere to international humanitarian law. UN Security Council Members in particular must work together to fulfil their responsibilities to protect civilians and to protect international peace and security.”  


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