Oxfam’s reaction to humanitarian pledging conference for Syria

March 31, 2015

Andy Baker who leads Oxfam’s response to the Syria crisis said:

“While some donors have been generous in Kuwait, the total aid pledged is less than half the amount needed this year to help people in desperate humanitarian need."

"Unless more donor countries massively step up in the wake of the conference, the increasing numbers of people fleeing their homes and struggling to survive will be less and less likely to receive assistance. What does the international community expect millions of Syrians to survive on? The collective response risks leaving the nearly 4 million refugees and those trapped in Syria to their fate while neighboring countries face unbearable strain."

"Countries leading the way in pledging their fair share of financial contributions – such as Kuwait, Denmark and Germany – must pressure others who are falling far short. With the impact of cuts to assistance already being felt by Syrians, it’s essential that promises are quickly turned into aid. Rich countries should also offer to resettle their fair share of the most vulnerable 5% of the refugee population by the end of the year."

"Fully funding the aid response is the bare minimum the international community should do for the Syrian people, and even on this measure they are falling far short. Unless we see real progress towards an end to the conflict, governments will have to return to pledge year after year and, worse, more Syrians will suffer – not a prospect anyone wants to see.”

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Oxfam's Syria crisis 'fair share' analysis for 2015 (numbers are pre-Kuwait pledging conference): Report

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For interviews with Oxfam staff in Kuwait, Beirut or Amman (in English, Arabic, and French) contact Joelle Bassoul:

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