Ending Violence
Against Women
and Girls

Women aren't free until they're all free from violence.

Violence against women and girls is a major cause of death, poor health and disability around the world. It also stops women and girls from escaping poverty. It limits their control over their own bodies. It holds them back from school, from work, from community life.

In many countries, women and girls can’t access justice. They may not know they have the right to live free of violence. Violence and early or forced marriage are accepted ways of life, and men hold power over women.

Every woman should be able to live free from violence, regardless of her age, race, social or economic status. Today, that right is rarely within grasp for a woman living in poverty.

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Why Does Violence Against Women and Girls Matter?

1 IN 3
One in three women worldwide has experienced sexual abuse or physical violence
Around the world, 41,000 girls become child brides every day
2.5 x
Poor girls are 2.5 times more likely to marry in childhood than wealthy ones
A young brown-skinned woman holds up red fabric with a dark blue pattern on it. She is outdoors and smiling, and it's daytime.
Through this group, we will convince more people to come forward and raise their voice against the violence.
Sinthia Hosen, 28 Photo: Abir Abdullah/Oxfam

What is Oxfam Doing?

We are supporting organizations who are working to change the social norms and cultural practices that give men power over women, while also empowering women to prevent and overcome violence in their lives. We work with everyone in communities - women, men, authorities, teachers, religious leaders - to build a safe and just world where women and girls are in control of their lives and live free from violence.


social services, medical assistance, counselling, job and skills training, and legal aid.


leadership, engagement and rights among women and girls, while also involving men and boys.


how people, families, communities and institutions think about violence.

Three Steps You Can Take Now


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A woman with brown skin, brown eyes and dark hair is holding her young child and wearing a blue surgical mask and a red dress and headscarf.


Contribute to our fight for equality. End violence against women and girls around the world.

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