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People eating leaves to survive in South Sudan as aid fails to keep pace with spiralling hunger crisis - Oxfam

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Hunger

More than half the population of South Sudan – 6.6 million people – are severely hungry, including 2.2 million people at risk of starvation. Yet the humanitarian response remains woefully…

What's Causing the Hunger Crisis in East Africa?

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Hunger

Oxfam is responding in four countries and urging more international assistance to help people facing severe hunger due to climate change, conflict, and economic shocks.

Five women and a young girl wearing colourful headscarves and long skirts stand by red wheelbarrows with yellow jerrycans waiting to collect water.

The Greatest Challenge to Humanitarian Work: Funding

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Humanitarian needs are at an all-time high worldwide, but woeful underfunding hinders humanitarian action.

A group of dark-skinned women wearing head scarves and long dresses gather around an outdoor water distribution point. A female humanitarian worker wearing a grey vest with a green Oxfam logo fills jerry cans with water.

800% increase in UN appeal needs for extreme weather-related emergencies over last 20 years – new Oxfam research

Tags: Climate Change

The amount of money needed for UN humanitarian appeals involving extreme weather events like floods or drought is now eight times higher than 20 years ago – and donors are…

Government of Canada announces new funding to support education for displaced children and youth as Canada hosts Together for Learning Summit

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

(Ottawa) Thanks to a contribution of $13.8 million from the Government of Canada, more than 190,000 refugees and displaced children and youth in South Sudan and Uganda will be supported…

Climate, Conflict and COVID-19 Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger, Water

Countries in the Horn of Africa are enduring severe hunger, with near-famine conditions in some areas, due to conflict, climate-induced weather shocks (flooding in some countries, drought in others) and…

A man with dark skin and brown eyes stands in the centre of a large herd of thin, ailing camels whose hip bones are protruding. The man, who is very thin himself, is looking at us directly and wears a plaid shirt, dark pants and prayer beads and carries a walking stick.

Conflict, Climate Change and COVID-19 Drive Extreme Hunger

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Hunger

The effects of conflict, COVID-19 and climate change have intensified the global hunger crisis. Here are some of the world's hunger hotspots.

Woman in black hijab with her four children sitting in a circle around a metal pan that has pieces of potatoes divided amount each other. Woman is peeling the potatoes sitting in front of faded blue concrete wall and stone floor.

Six-fold increase in people suffering famine-like conditions since pandemic began

Tags: Hunger

11 people are likely dying every minute from hunger, now outpacing COVID-19 fatalities, warns Oxfam A new Oxfam report today says that as many as 11 people are likely dying…

12,000 people per day could die from COVID-19 linked hunger by end of year, potentially more than the disease, warns Oxfam

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Eight of the biggest food and beverage companies pay out USD $18 billion to shareholders as new epicentres of hunger emerge across the globe As many as 12,000 people could…

Locusts swarm into northern Uganda as Oxfam looks toward a $5m humanitarian response across region

Tags: Climate Change, Emergency Response

Locust infestations have just hit two new districts in northern Uganda as they continue to plague Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, and threaten Sudan and South Sudan. There are also reports…

Global refugee forum promotes refugee participation, but world leaders need to do more to deliver real change for refugees, says Oxfam

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Natural Disasters, Refugees and Internal Displacement

The Global Refugee Forum ended today with refugees making sure that their message to be fully included in all decisions about their futures was heard by world leaders. Oxfam welcomes…

South Sudan floods: 800,000 people desperately need food, water and shelter

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger, Natural Disasters, Refugees and Internal Displacement, Water

Approximately 800,000 people are at risk of disease and extreme hunger as a result of devastating floods that have hit South Sudan, Oxfam warned today. Unusually heavy rainfall has hit…

South Sudan displacement crisis still desperate, one year after peace deal

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

One year on from the signing of the peace agreement, millions of South Sudanese remain displaced as the country continues to face a humanitarian crisis and people fear that peace…

71 million people displaced in 2018 due to conflict: 'We did not choose to become refugees'

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls

After an alarming UN report saying a record-breaking 71 million people have been displaced by war in 2018, Susan Grace Duku, founder of Refugee Women and Youth Aid in Uganda,…

Changing the story for young women in South Sudan

Tags: Advocacy in Canada

Tackling gender inequality and gender-based violence should be top priorities in places like South Sudan, but these issues are often seen as less urgent than “life-saving priorities” like food, shelter…

Young woman smiling in pink top

Conflict, poverty and hunger driving child marriage in South Sudan: Oxfam

Tags: Conflict and War, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls

Another generation of girls in South Sudan will miss out on an education, face huge health risks in childbirth and are more likely to face sexual and domestic violence, if…

Rise in hunger an appalling relapse

For the first time in more than a decade, the United Nations reported a sharp increase in hunger around the world. Reacting to the news, Oxfam International’s executive director Winnie…

Urgent action needed to prevent famine in South Sudan – Oxfam

Oxfam today called for urgent action to prevent millions of people being hit by famine in South Sudan. The warning follows a report last week from the Famine Early Warning…

Hungry for Peace: South Sudan

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger

Months after marking four years of devastating war, South Sudan has reached another critical point: more South Sudanese are hungry than ever before. One million people are now on the…


Women who are Leading the Fight Against Hunger

Climate change, conflict and the failure of governments to tackle them have left more than 800 million people living with hunger around the world. When hunger strikes, women are more likely…


Rise in hunger an appalling relapse

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger, Water

For the first time in more than a decade, the United Nations reported a sharp increase in hunger around the world. Reacting to the news, Oxfam International’s executive director Winnie…


Still no real progress one year after landmark UN refugee pledge

The Declaration, first adopted last September, reaffirmed the responsibility of all nations to refugees, and laid out a two-year timeline for countries to develop and agree on a “global compact”…

Number of South Sudanese fleeing to Uganda tops one million in the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis

In response to the announcement by the UNHCR that one million South Sudanese refugees are now in Uganda, Ranjan Pudyal, Oxfam South Sudan’s Country Director, said: As long as the…

South Sudan: famine pushed back but more people hungry than ever before

In response to the new IPC figures that show that famine has been pushed back in the two counties of Leer and Mayendit (which have now gone from being in famine to…

Supporting survivors of conflict in South Sudan

Tags: Emergency Response

Millions of people have been displaced from their homes in South Sudan. They are facing hunger and acute food insecurity as a result of on-going conflict. Oxfam is responding to…


As world faces unprecedented famine threat, G7 should pay up and push for peace

Deadly famine is already affecting 100,000 people in parts of South Sudan and threatens to extend to Yemen, Somalia and northeast Nigeria. Widespread famine across all four countries is not…

Unifor donates $100,000 to Oxfam Canada South Sudan famine relief

TORONTO, CNW – Unifor is proud to partner with Oxfam Canada to help provide famine relief in South Sudan and other countries facing a food crisis in the region, with…

How canoes are saving lives in South Sudan

Tags: Emergency Response

Nyal, South Sudan was previously a quiet town known for its mango and palm trees. Two years of extended fighting in the surrounding areas however, has forced thousands of people…


Emergency Food Crisis

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger

This fund will support Canadian and international organizations currently hard at work helping those in need in the affected countries and neighbouring regions. Understand how this fund works. This is…


Threat of four famines in 2017 “a catastrophic betrayal of our common humanity”

The world stands on the brink of an unprecedented four famines in 2017 due to a catastrophic failure of the global community to uphold its obligations to the most vulnerable…

Aid agencies in South Sudan warn that funds are urgently needed to stop the spread of famine

Twenty seven humanitarian agencies working in South Sudan have warned that unless substantial funds are immediately provided to those working on the ground, organizations will struggle to stop famine spreading…


Famine in South Sudan reflects international failure, Oxfam

Emma Jane Drew, Humanitarian Program Manager in South Sudan says:  “This is a man-made tragedy, and we are running out of time to avoid it getting worse. In over 30…


What makes aid workers tick: "I know what it means to be hungry"

Blog contribution by Coco McCabe World Humanitarian Day honors the aid workers who are helping millions of people weather unimaginable crises. Today marks World Humanitarian Day—a time designated by the…


South Sudan: Violence Fuels Humanitarian Crisis

South Sudan faces a spiralling humanitarian crisis as the recent surge in fighting prevents aid agencies from providing urgent help to millions of people in need. Violence and insecurity continue…

Oxfam welcomes ceasefire in Juba

Juba – Oxfam’s Country Director in South Sudan, Zlatko Gegic, said: “With caution but  great hope, Oxfam welcomes last night’s ceasefire. We have all been down this path before and…

South Sudan's fragile peace: After five years of independence, urgent reform is needed

Five years after the birth of South Sudan, Oxfam warned today that without commitment from all signatories to the country's 2015 peace agreement, the country will falter. According to Oxfam,…

In Pictures: Hope and Loss as World's Youngest Country Turns Five

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response

Last week, Canadians came together to celebrate their country’s 149th birthday. This week, South Sudan marks 5 years as an independent nation. Yet, for many there is little to celebrate.…


Ending Gender-Based Violence in Humanitarian Settings: Let’s Make it Happen

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Conflict and War, Violence Against Women and Girls, Women's Transformative Leadership

By Julie Lafrenière, Women’s Rights Specialist at Oxfam Canada.  In South Sudan, domestic violence is widespread and largely tolerated. In the all-too-common words of two young women from Warrap State:…


Poor rains, failing crops and fighting - the state of food security in South Sudan

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger, Natural Disasters

By Stella MadeteOxfam in South Sudan Monica has not been home in Malakal for almost two years. She has not seen or spoken to two of her four children either.…


Extreme hunger risk in South Sudan as fighting blocks food aid: REPORT

Tags: Conflict and War, Hunger

Juba, South Sudan – In response to the latest Integrated Phase Classification (IPC), or food security analysis for South Sudan, Oxfam South Sudan Country Director, Zlatko Gegic said:  “Almost four…

Long Road to Peace Begins in South Sudan

Tags: Conflict and War

Juba, SOUTH SUDAN – The signing of the peace agreement by President Salva Kiir Mayardit is a positive step toward ending the brutal 20 month civil war but aid agencies…

Malakal IDP camp, South Sudan. Photo credit: Simon Rawles/Oxfam

Hard choices in South Sudan: food or clean water?

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger, Water

An end to the fighting would go a long way toward solving the challenges so many families now face in meeting their basic needs.   In South Sudan, only 55…


South Sudan faces unprecedented humanitarian crisis

Tags: Conflict and War

Instead of celebrating its 4th anniversary, South Sudan is standing on an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. In the world’s youngest country almost 8 million people – two-thirds of the total population…


Cholera outbreak in South Sudan’s capital threatens to bring new waves of suffering

Tags: Conflict and War, Water

“This cholera outbreak is a wake-up call for the government and the aid world to redouble efforts to tackle a worsening cycle of misery,” said Zlatko Gegic, Oxfam’s country director…


Forced from home – Eliza's journey to safety in South Sudan

Written by: Stella Madete, Oxfam Novib (Netherlands), Information Officer, Somalia Eliza is a chef and mother of four. She worked with Oxfam in Melut state, Upper Nile, from 2014 until…


7.8M hungry in South Sudan due to food scarcity & conflict

Tags: Hunger

Responding to the latest Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) or food analysis report for South Sudan, Oxfam South Sudan Country Director, Zlatko Gegic said: “A frightening number of people in South…


South Sudan - Violations of Humanitarian Law Escalating

Tags: Conflict and War

In response to the statement by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, Mr. Toby Lanzer, regarding violations of International Humanitarian Law in Leer and Malakal, Oxfam South Sudan Country…


South Sudan crack down on NGOs

Tags: Conflict and War

South Sudan's parliament has unanimously passed a bill that would severely limit the NGO sector in the world's youngest country. In response, Zlatko Gegic, Country Director for Oxfam South Sudan,…


Rebecca's story, South Sudan

Tags: Emergency Response, Women's Transformative Leadership

Eight years ago, Rebecca Elija moved to South Sudan with her father and little sister, leaving the rest of the family in Khartoum, Sudan. Although she has been in part…


Mary's story, South Sudan

Tags: Emergency Response, Women's Transformative Leadership

Make It Happen: Stories From south sudan Mary's story “The first thing I share on the radio is the message of peace”Mary Nyidur – Journalist, Radio presenter, Minkaman   “Life…


Stella's story, South Sudan

Tags: Emergency Response, Women's Transformative Leadership

Make It Happen: Stories From south sudan Stella's story “I hope that I don’t continue writing about war and destruction. I want peace to come so that I can write…


South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia

South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia By Ann Witteveen In the last six months two new towns have emerged in the vast and beautiful plains of Western Ethiopia, in Gambella region.  …


South Sudan: Millions at risk from hunger as conflict threatens to escalate

Tags: Conflict and War, Hunger

South Sudan: Millions at risk from hunger as conflict threatens to escalate. A year after the fighting started in South Sudan the country remains in a severe food crisis with…


South Sudan: From Crisis to Catastrophe

Tags: Conflict and War

  OTTAWA/MISSISSAUGA, ON (October 6, 2014) – A group of leading aid agencies warned today that parts of South Sudan, which are already facing a severe food crisis, could fall…


South Sudan, one of the most challenging places to be a humanitarian

Tags: Emergency Response, Women's Transformative Leadership

On World Humanitarian Day Pieter Struijf, Oxfam’s Program Manager for Jonglei, writes about the challenges of delivering aid in rural South Sudan and the crucial role played by the local…


South Sudan sixty days promise set to be broken as peace talks falter again

Tags: Conflict and War

Sixty days ago, both parties to the conflict made a promise to their people that they would bring an end to the fighting and agreed to establish a transitional government…

Aid agencies condemn attacks on aid workers in South Sudan

Tags: Conflict and War

A group of seven major humanitarian aid organizations condemns the recent killings and attacks on South Sudanese aid workers in Maban County in the Upper Nile State of South Sudan.…

Aid effort to avert South Sudan famine in jeopardy

Tags: Hunger, Water

“We will be staring into the abyss and fail to avert a famine if funds do not start arriving soon.” Cecilia Millan Oxfam’s Country Director in South Sudan Aid agencies…

South Sudan at 3: A tenuous shelter behind razor wire

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response

by Aimee Brown Today marks South Sudan’s third year of independence. But in the past seven months, the sense of unity that brought its people together in 2011 has been…


South Sudan: Oxfam warns the humanitarian crisis is spiralling out of control as funds dry up

Tags: Conflict and War

On the 3rd anniversary of South Sudan’s independence, Oxfam has warned that appeals to fund the aid effort are failing as the country’s humanitarian crisis is spiralling out of control…


African leaders demand immediate end to South Sudan violence

Tags: Conflict and War

In response to the Letter from African Leaders to Salva Kiir and Riek Machar, Oxfam International’s Executive Director Winnie Byanyima said: “This letter, signed by 14 eminent African leaders, 12…

South Sudan on cholera alert as donors meet to pledge funds

Tags: Water

As rains cut off humanitarian access and increase risk of the spread of disease, increased donor funding is critical to saving lives in South Sudan. The people of South Sudan,…


Oxfam Reaction: UNSG Ban Ki-Moon Arrives in South Sudan

Welcoming UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's visit to South Sudan, Oxfam's Country Director Cecilia Millan said:      "South Sudan is rapidly deteriorating into an acute humanitarian crisis.  The fighting has…

South Sudan warning: Respond to humanitarian crisis now or face a larger catastrophe later

Tags: Conflict and War

The safety of seven million people in South Sudan is rapidly deteriorating. Oxfam says the Government of South Sudan and parties to the conflict must immediately agree to a ceasefire.…


As South Sudan peace talks are suspended, the fate of this young country hangs in the balance

Tags: Conflict and War

In reaction to the suspension of South Sudan mediation talks in Addis Ababa, Oxfam’s Acting Country Director in South Sudan, David Crawford, said: “As the third round of negotiations on…


More than 1 million languish in Darfur camps as new waves of violence force 100,000 more to flee

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

The escalating violence that has gripped Darfur in recent weeks has forced over 100,000 civilians to flee their homes and villages. Many of the Darfuris who have fled have no…


Oxfam raises new alarm over humanitarian access as it pulls team out of Malakal

Tags: Conflict and War

Juba – Today Oxfam withdraws four aid workers who have been trapped by fighting in Malakal while raising a further alarm over a lack of humanitarian access across the country.…


NGOs welcome ceasefire agreement in South Sudan, reaffirm their commitment to help all populations in need of assistance

Tags: Conflict and War

“We call upon all parties to the conflict to allow unimpeded humanitarian access, and to ensure the safety and freedom of movement of our staff.” Caroline Boyd Medair’s Country Director…


Despite ceasefire, South Sudanese refugees and Ugandan host communities struggle with mounting risks

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

While yesterday’s ceasefire is a sign of political progress, efforts to support the more than 50,000 South Sudanese refugees in Uganda remain grossly under resourced, and host communities are being…


Oxfam Reaction to Ceasefire in South Sudan

Tags: Conflict and War

Reacting to news of this afternoon's ceasefire agreement between The Government of South Sudan and Riek Machar's opposition forces, José Barahona, Oxfam's County Director for South Sudan, said: "The world's…