Feminist Scorecard 2021: Accelerating a Feminist COVID-19 Recovery

by Oxfam Canada | March 16, 2021
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Image: Jenny Walker/Oxfam

The 2021 Feminist Scorecard is part of an Oxfam Canada annual series. It assesses the steps that the federal government has taken over the past year to make progress on women’s rights and gender equality. Given the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 crisis over the past year, the 2021 scorecard focuses on the government’s actions to help Canada and the world respond to and recover from the pandemic.

The scorecard focuses on ten policy areas. Each area is rated using a traffic light range – red, yellow, green – indicating very little, some or significant progress made in that specific area.

The COVID-19 crisis demanded strong leadership. The government responded with swift action and a massive influx of resources to address the social and economic fallout of the pandemic. However, the response has exposed serious and profound gaps for marginalized communities.

  • Green means significant progress
  • Yellow means some progress
  • Red means little progress

Download our 2021 feminist scorecard report or visit its microsite to learn more.

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