Feminist Scorecard 2023: Feminist Action in a World of Crises

by Oxfam Canada | March 8, 2023
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Feminist Scorecard 2023: Feminist Action in a World of Crises

by Oxfam Canada | March 8, 2023

Three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is dealing with multiple intersecting crises of unprecedented proportions. The combined impacts of COVID-19, climate change, spiking food and energy price inflation, and ongoing and worsening conflict are wreaking havoc on the world's most vulnerable people. Now more than ever, we need the Canadian government to be ambitious and feminist.

Oxfam Canada's Feminist Scorecard 2023 evaluates the Canadian government's actions from March 2022 to February 2023 in the context of these crises.

The following are the twelve policy areas assessed in this year's scorecard:
  1. Care work
  2. Climate justice
  3. Conflict and crisis
  4. Gender-based violence
  5. Global development
  6. Migrant and refugee rights
  7. Ending Poverty
  8. Representation and leadership
  9. Rights of Indigenous women
  10. Sexual and reproductive health and rights
  11. Fair Taxation
  12. Women’s work and labour rights

Each policy area analyzes where the government got it right and where it missed the mark and provides recommendations for the way forward. Policy areas are rated using a traffic light system — red, yellow, green — indicating very little, some or significant progress.

The world needs Canada's feminist leadership in this time of global crises, and the government put forward several laudable initiatives this past year, which show it is up to the task. But gaps remain, particularly for the most marginalized women and gender-diverse people who have been sliding deeper into poverty due to the pandemic.

The scorecard does not offer a comprehensive analysis of every government policy decision that impacts women and gender equality, nor does it reflect the state of women's rights in Canada or globally. Instead, it presents a feminist assessment of the government's action or inaction in these 12 policy areas.

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