Feminist Scorecard 2021: Accelerating a Feminist COVID-19 Recovery

Is Canada living up to its feminist approach in its COVID-19 response? Oxfam Canada scores the government’s actions to help Canada and the world respond to and recover from the pandemic. How do they stack up?

Scorecard Legend

Global Development

Canada scaled up its humanitarian response, provided debt relief for poor countries and invested in the COVAX vaccine facility. Progress continued towards a feminist foreign policy.

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significant progress

Representation & Leadership

Women have been at the forefront of Canada’s COVID-19 response and the government has invested in feminist movements. However, stronger GBA+ and intersectional approaches are needed to ensure an equitable recovery.

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significant progress

Gender-based Violence & SRHR

Women and gender-diverse people experienced a rise in violence due to the pandemic. Federal resources flowed quickly to support shelters and sexual assault centres.

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significant progress


The federal government provided critical social protection to millions of Canadians in record time during the pandemic. However, some of the most marginalized people fell through the cracks.

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some progress

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Care Work

COVID-19 exposed how essential care is to our economy, but also how fragile Canada’s care sector is. The government’s commitment to establish a national child care system, as part of a feminist economic recovery, is welcome.

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some progress

Conflict & Crisis

Canada invested in critical humanitarian assistance as global needs grew dramatically due to COVID-19. However, Canada’s support for refugees fell short, leaving many people stranded.

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some progress

Climate Change & Extractives

As Canada pursues more ambitious climate action, a strong intersectional approach will be key. Effective corporate accountability measures are needed urgently to achieve justice for marginalized people abroad.

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some progress

Rights of Indigenous Women

The government has invested in women’s shelters and sexual assault centres on and off reserve, but progress on the National Action Plan for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was slowed by the pandemic.

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some progress

Work & Pay Equity

The economic downturn has disproportionately hurt women workers, who have made up the majority of job losses. The government’s economic recovery plan must focus on women-majority sectors and prioritize the needs of vulnerable workers.

A cashier in a mask working at a store

some progress


Wealth inequality is growing, with the wealthiest Canadians – mostly men – benefiting from tax loopholes and not paying their fair share. Canada’s first-ever female finance minister is raising hopes for progressive tax reform.

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little progress

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