Feminist Scorecard 2019

Feminist Scorecard 2019 is part of an Oxfam Canada annual series. It assesses the steps that the federal government has taken over the past year to make progress on women’s rights and gender equality. The scorecard focuses on 8 policy areas. Each area is rated using a traffic light range. Click on each to learn more.

Scorecard Legend

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Representation & Leadership

The government continues to be a staunch advocate for women’s leadership and inclusion. In 2018 it created the Department for Women and Gender Equality and doubled federal funding for the Canadian women’s movement.

significant progress

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Global Development

Canada continues to show global leadership through its Feminist International Assistance Policy, its funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and its support for women’s rights organizations in developing countries.

significant progress

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Climate Change & Extractives

Accomplishments such as putting a price on carbon emissions were counteracted by billions in spending to expand fossil fuel infrastructure. The government has still not appointed an ombudsperson for business and human rights.

some progress

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Care Work

The government has made some incremental progress, but much greater investments are needed to move toward a child care system that is truly accessible for all families in Canada.

some progress

Help us hold Canada accountable to women and equality. Stand with us and DEMAND MORE PROGRESS.

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Gender-Based Violence

The government has made good progress, but women who experience violence still do not all have the same access to services across Canada. Allegations of forced sterilizations of Indigenous women have been brought to light.

some progress

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The government made real progress by enshrining gender budgeting in law. It should now review the tax system to find a better balance between personal and corporate taxes, close tax loopholes, and get rid of regressive income tax measures.

some progress

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Jobs & Pay Equity

The government made real progress by enshrining pay equity in law. More is still needed to ensure women everywhere in Canada have access to decent work and living wages.

some progress

Women in an orange headscarf and her sun standing in front of their shelter in Bangladesh

Conflict & Crisis

Canada has solidified its reputation as a leader on women, peace and security, and has invested in gender-responsive humanitarian action. It should ensure that Canada’s trade and defence policies do not undermine progress in peacebuilding.

some progress

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