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What's Causing the Hunger Crisis in East Africa?

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Hunger

Oxfam is responding in four countries and urging more international assistance to help people facing severe hunger due to climate change, conflict, and economic shocks.

Five women and a young girl wearing colourful headscarves and long skirts stand by red wheelbarrows with yellow jerrycans waiting to collect water.

The Greatest Challenge to Humanitarian Work: Funding

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Humanitarian needs are at an all-time high worldwide, but woeful underfunding hinders humanitarian action.

A group of dark-skinned women wearing head scarves and long dresses gather around an outdoor water distribution point. A female humanitarian worker wearing a grey vest with a green Oxfam logo fills jerry cans with water.

Two-weeks of food billionaires’ wealth enough to fully fund East Africa hunger crisis response

Tags: Hunger

Food inflation in some East African countries outstrips global average leaving millions hungry Food inflation in East African countries where tens of millions of people are caught in an alarming…

How Extreme Hunger Affects Lactating Mothers and Babies in Ethiopia

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Hunger, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Nutrition challenges are increasing in Ethiopia's Tigray region as mothers struggle to keep their babies well-fed.

Close up of mother breastfeeding a months-old child. The baby is Black and while breasfeeding, his eyes are wide open, looking at his mother. The background is a bright yellow with a fiuscha colour contour around the image creating a collage-like effect.

One person dying from hunger every 48 seconds in drought-ravaged East Africa as world fails warnings

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger

One person is likely dying of hunger every 48 seconds in drought-ravaged Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, according to estimates by Oxfam and Save the Children in a report published today…

4 Links Between the War in Ukraine and the Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger

The economic impacts of the war in Ukraine – including unprecedented food and energy price inflation – are being felt by the most vulnerable in our deeply unequal world.

People are walking on a paved road, and two cars are parked in the distance. None of the people are facing the camera. Most of them seem to be women and children, wearing winter clothing and carrying bags. The main focus of the photograph is three people featured in the front centre, not facing the camera. A woman in blue jeans and a blue jean jacket carries a brown purse and two big reusable supermarket bags. Two boys wearing navy blue winter coats and winter boots are to her right. The shortest one holds both the woman’s hands and the taller boy’s hands.

Will global donors rise to the occasion and prevent starvation and death for millions in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya?

Tags: Conflict and War, Hunger

As donors convene in Geneva, over 50 NGOs and NGO networks call for an urgent and substantial step-up in funding and leadership to respond to the humanitarian catastrophe facing millions…

Oxfam reaction to the IPCC’s Working Group III report on climate change mitigation

Tags: Climate Change

Responding to the publication today of the IPCC’s Working Group III report on climate change mitigation, Oxfam’s Climate Policy Lead Nafkote Dabi said: “This IPCC report pulls no punches. The…

As many as 28 million people across East Africa at risk of extreme hunger if rains fail again

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Hunger

Global food and commodity prices spiking in reaction to Ukraine crisis set to worsen hunger for 21 million people already today in severe food insecurity As many as 28 million…

Climate, Conflict and COVID-19 Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Hunger, Water

Countries in the Horn of Africa are enduring severe hunger, with near-famine conditions in some areas, due to conflict, climate-induced weather shocks (flooding in some countries, drought in others) and…

A man with dark skin and brown eyes stands in the centre of a large herd of thin, ailing camels whose hip bones are protruding. The man, who is very thin himself, is looking at us directly and wears a plaid shirt, dark pants and prayer beads and carries a walking stick.

Millions Facing Humanitarian Catastrophe in Northern Ethiopia

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response

Close to seven million need humanitarian assistance across Tigray, Amhara and Afar communities in Ethiopia.

A dark-skinned woman wearing a colourful head scarf and a long floral dress holds a toddler on her front and carries a sleeping baby on her back. She's standing outside, looking to our left, surrounded by dry bushes and branches against a pale blue, cloudy sky.

A year since conflict erupted, nearly 7 million people still suffering in Northern Ethiopia as humanitarian catastrophe outpaces aid

Tags: Conflict and War, Hunger

One year since conflict broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, almost seven million people in Tigray and in neighboring Amhara and Afar are suffering from the toll of violence,…

Conflict in Ethiopia Creating Massive Humanitarian Crisis

Tags: Conflict and War

Fighting in the Tigray region, combined with the pandemic, drought, and an upsurge in locusts, is pushing hundreds of thousands into catastrophic hunger.

Map of East Africa in beige with Ethiopia highlighted in red and Tigray region at top of Ethiopia with white diagonal line pattern. Addis Ababa (capital of country) marked on the map.

Conflict, Climate Change and COVID-19 Drive Extreme Hunger

Tags: Climate Change, Conflict and War, Hunger

The effects of conflict, COVID-19 and climate change have intensified the global hunger crisis. Here are some of the world's hunger hotspots.

Woman in black hijab with her four children sitting in a circle around a metal pan that has pieces of potatoes divided amount each other. Woman is peeling the potatoes sitting in front of faded blue concrete wall and stone floor.

Climate-fuelled La Niña in East Africa will drive millions into hunger: Oxfam

Tags: Climate Change, Hunger

Over 50 million people are in need of immediate food assistance in the Horn East and Central Africa, with numbers expected to rise significantly as the region braces for harsh, climate fuelled…

12,000 people per day could die from COVID-19 linked hunger by end of year, potentially more than the disease, warns Oxfam

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Eight of the biggest food and beverage companies pay out USD $18 billion to shareholders as new epicentres of hunger emerge across the globe As many as 12,000 people could…

New swarms of locusts threaten to increase hunger in East Africa reeling from floods and COVID-19: Oxfam

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger

Flooding and COVID-19 restrictions create perfect conditions for locusts to multiply Oxfam warned today that millions of people in East and Central Africa, already suffering due to flooding and the…

Locusts swarm into northern Uganda as Oxfam looks toward a $5m humanitarian response across region

Tags: Climate Change, Emergency Response

Locust infestations have just hit two new districts in northern Uganda as they continue to plague Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, and threaten Sudan and South Sudan. There are also reports…

Climate change driving drought crisis in Horn of Africa

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Hunger

People in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, like many others in Kenya and Somalia, are now enduring near-constant severe drought. Despite bearing no responsibility for the factors driving climate change,…

More than honey

Tags: Feminist Aid, Women’s Economic Justice

Five years ago Oxfam started a beekeeping project in Addise’s village, providing women with equipment and training to produce and sell honey. Addise seized the opportunity to take part

International complacency puts lives at risk as drought hits Horn of Africa: Oxfam

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger, Natural Disasters, Water

More than 15 million people are in need of aid as drought hits parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia again.  Yet lessons from the devastating droughts of 2011 and 2017…

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Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger, Natural Disasters, Women's Transformative Leadership

Right now, millions of families around the world are facing severe food shortages, fleeing their homes in search of safety, and navigating life without access to safe, clean water. These…


Women who are Leading the Fight Against Hunger

Climate change, conflict and the failure of governments to tackle them have left more than 800 million people living with hunger around the world. When hunger strikes, women are more likely…


Rise in hunger an appalling relapse

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger, Water

For the first time in more than a decade, the United Nations reported a sharp increase in hunger around the world. Reacting to the news, Oxfam International’s executive director Winnie…


Food shortages and funding gap push extra 700,000 people to verge of starvation in Ethiopia

In response to the newly released Humanitarian Response Document by the Government of Ethiopia, Victoria Hopkins, Humanitarian Manager at Oxfam Canada said: “The third poor rainy season in a row…

Drought in East Africa: “If the rains do not come, none of us will survive”

Tags: Emergency Response, Natural Disasters

A large double-decker truck is quickly making its way towards Garadag from Fadigaab, in the south of Somaliland. It is carrying nine families and what is left of their herds:…


Emergency Food Crisis

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger

This fund will support Canadian and international organizations currently hard at work helping those in need in the affected countries and neighbouring regions. Understand how this fund works. This is…


Without water, we won't survive

Tags: Emergency Response, Hunger, Natural Disasters, Water

Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in 50 years. The El Niño weather system, exacerbated by climate change, comes off the back of 12-18 months of erratic or failed rains.…


Corporate stranglehold on development finance must end in Addis

Tags: Advocacy in Canada

The corporate grip on development finance must be loosened if the Finance for Development Conference is going to help mobilize the resources needed to overcome poverty. Oxfam issued this warning…

First she kept her own family together. Then she became a spokesperson for family farmers around the world.

Tags: Emergency Response, Women's Transformative Leadership

First she kept her own family together. Then she became a spokesperson for family farmers around the world. Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to choose our…