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Worst monsoon rains in over a century submerge most of northeast Bangladesh and devastate the lives of 4.3 million people

Tags: Emergency Response, Natural Disasters

Monsoon rains – the worst in 122 years – have inundated major rivers in northeastern Bangladesh and submerged thousands of houses, impacting 4.3 million people. The worse is yet to…

Do You Know the Women Who Made Your Clothes? Good Luck Finding Out!

Tags: Brand, Women’s Economic Justice

Most fashion brands don't publicly disclose where their clothes are made, and when they do, the information is incomplete or too vague. It's time to change that.

Grey rocks of varying sizes along with parts of grey torn cotton material are mixed with pieces of old wood and string. A dirty Joe Fresh label sits in the middle of the rocks on the ground.

Six Women Creating Spaces for Gender Justice in Asia

Tags: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls, Women's Transformative Leadership

Through the Creating Spaces project, these women champion female leadership to advance gender justice.

A group of Brown women wearing colourful saris are sitting down on the floor and raising their hands.

"Let me be the last survivor": Lessons from six years of action to end violence against women and girls in Asia

Tags: Feminist Aid, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls, Women's Transformative Leadership

How communities in east and south Asia tackled gender-based violence and changed laws and social norms to protect women and girls.

Three girls dressed formally hold two red dark pink banners with white text that reads, hashtag End child marriage and hashtag girl defenders. All the girls are smiling and looking directly at the camera. The one standing in the middle wears a red headscarf.

I’m in the Right Place with Oxfam

Tags: Emergency Response, Violence Against Women and Girls

Karen Sander, the Chair of the Board of Oxfam Canada, traveled to Bangladesh with senior and program staff from Oxfam. This is her story.

Can you believe this is ‘What She Makes’

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Women’s Economic Justice

OTTAWA – The fashion industry is huge and glamourous – and yet it’s built on the backs of millions of women who live in poverty despite working countless hours making…

Remembering the victims of the Rana Plaza disaster

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Women’s Economic Justice

Building a safer, fairer and sustainable recovery for garment sector workers.

Six young women standing in a line holding pink, yellow and green protest signs in Bengali and English to compensate workers

Eight years on from the Rana Plaza tragedy

Tags: Women’s Economic Justice

The Rana Plaza collapse claimed the lives of more than a thousand garment workers and the women who make our clothes are still stuck in poverty

Woman in pink garment holding child looking off at collapsed building.

Massive fire in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps leaves 45,000 people displaced

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

A massive fire that swept through the refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, on Monday has left 10,000 families – roughly 45,000 people – displaced and in urgent need of…

International Women's Day - women lifting each other up

Tags: Advocacy in Canada

International Women’s Day is a time when we stand up and stand together for women’s rights around the world.

Woman with hat on in red shirt and jeans standing among trees in Colombia.

Millions of women domestic workers face further slide into poverty

Tags: Emergency Response, Women’s Economic Justice

As the world grapples with the economic fallout from COVID-19, women domestic workers are experiencing an even further slide into poverty.

Women domestic workers stand in line at food distribution center set up by Nari Maitree.

In Bangladesh, refugees help design handwashing stations

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement

Creating effective handwashing facilities in the Rohingya camps means embracing community input.

Nur, a Rohingya refugee stands by an Oxfam handwashing station.

Severe flooding hits Bangladesh in midst of coronavirus crisis

Tags: Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Landslide fears as heavy rains hit Cox’s Bazar Heavy rains have swollen river basins in north Bangladesh, leading to severe flooding, submerging towns and destroying homes and crops in a…

‘There is no focus on domestic workers’: The invisible workforce in Bangladesh during COVID-19

Tags: Violence Against Women and Girls, Women’s Economic Justice

The life of a domestic worker in Dhaka city...

Oxfam responds to devastation in the wake of Cyclone Amphan

Tags: Emergency Response, Natural Disasters

Cyclone Amphan has left a trail of devastation throughout north-east India and the Bangladesh coast, with over 80 deaths reported so far, destroying homes, embankments and crops, and compounding the…

‘Crisis on top of crisis’ as India and Bangladesh brace for super Cyclone Amphan - Oxfam

Tags: Emergency Response, Natural Disasters

Cyclone Amphan, the strongest ever cyclone recorded over the Bay of Bengal, is expected to hit north-east India and Bangladesh tomorrow (Wednesday, 20 May) threatening millions of people in vulnerable…

Cyclone threatens Cox’s Bazar as first Covid-19 cases are confirmed – Oxfam

Tags: Emergency Response, Natural Disasters

Almost one million Rohingya people in the world’s largest refugee camp are facing the added threat of a cyclone as the first cases of Covid-19 are confirmed, Oxfam warned today. The…

Economy & COVID-19: twin train wrecks for the women who make our clothes

Tags: Advocacy in Canada

While we are in the midst of the most significant global public health crisis of our lifetime, the veil is being lifted on an economic system that rewards the wealthy…

Tidal surge risk as Cyclone Bulbul nears India and Bangladesh – Oxfam prepares to respond

Tags: Emergency Response, Natural Disasters, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Oxfam spokespeople available for interview via phone or Skype in India and Bangladesh, including Cox’s Bazar Rohingya refugee camps Oxfam is preparing for a potential response to flooding and landslides…

Oxfam Canada launches new program to promote the rights of women domestic workers in Bangladesh

(Ottawa) Thanks to a contribution of $11.9 million from the Government of Canada, more than 16,000 women domestic workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh will be better empowered and organized to claim…

Transformative tailoring for Rohingya refugee women

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Gender dynamics in the largest refugee settlement in the world “You have come to this country as a guest,” Shompa, 60, says as I sit in her shelter in Camp…

Rohingya people still trapped two years on from exodus: Oxfam

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Hunger, Refugees and Internal Displacement, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women and Girls

Rohingya people in Myanmar and Bangladesh say they feel trapped and that their lives are on hold two years on from a campaign of violence that forced hundreds of thousands…

Deadly floods continue to torment millions in Nepal, India and Bangladesh; Oxfam responds

Tags: Natural Disasters, Refugees and Internal Displacement, Water

Deadly floods and landslides have already killed 300 people and forced over 12 million more from their homes, as the disaster continues to rip through South Asia. During the past…

Designing hygiene and sanitation facilities in Rohingya refugee camps: for women by women

Tags: Conflict and War, Emergency Response, Refugees and Internal Displacement

A female architect from Bangladesh collaborates with Rohingya women refugees to design safer hygiene and sanitation facilities.

What she knows matters. #Askher

Tags: Conflict and War, Refugees and Internal Displacement

Some days, I feel like a feminist future has never been so close at hand. Female foreign ministers gathered for the first time ever in Montreal this September to find…

$72 million needed to protect Rohingya refugee women missing out on vital aid

by | Replace this with image credit information More than a third of women surveyed by Oxfam and partner agencies said they did not feel safe or comfortable going to…

Creating space to tackle violence against women and child marriage in Bangladesh

Tags: Natural Disasters, Violence Against Women and Girls

“Who here was married before they were ready?” Every single woman raises her hand. The women tell us what it was like to be married at a young age, and…

A group of Brown women wearing colourful saris are sitting down on the floor and raising their hands.

Rohingya refugees unprepared as monsoon rains, flooding and landslides continue

The monsoon rains falling on the Rohingya refugee camps near Cox’s Bazar, southern Bangladesh, have caused over 130 landslides, damaged 3,300 shelters and affected 28,000 refugees, Oxfam said. A survey…

Changing the lives of mothers in Bangladesh refugee camps

Rajiah, 46,  fled violence near her home in Myanmar 6 months ago with her youngest daughter, age 15. She is one of close to one million Rohingya people have fled…


Worse to come as first rains cause damage in Rohingya camps in Bangladesh

Damage and fear caused by the first rains of the monsoon season in the Rohingya refugee camps are an ominous warning of what is to come Oxfam said today. Oxfam’s Rohingya…

One woman leading the way for healthy mothers in Bangladesh's refugee camps

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Women's Transformative Leadership

Oxfam has come to know Rajiah as a leader when she was unanimously selected to represent her community during an Oxfam assessment of what their most pressing needs were. This…

Woman wearing a blue head scarf looking at camera.

Rohingya refugees say no return to Myanmar without equal rights

(Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh) Rohingya refugees interviewed by Oxfam in Bangladesh say they will not go back to Myanmar until their safety can be guaranteed and they have equal rights, including…

Oxfam Canada thanks Canadians for their generosity in helping Rohingya refugees

(OTTAWA) Oxfam Canada would like to thank Canadians who opened their hearts and wallets to help deliver life-saving aid to Rohingya refugees, more than half of whom are women and…

SEE ME: The perilous flight of a Rohingya refugee

Tags: Refugees and Internal Displacement, Violence Against Women and Girls, Women's Transformative Leadership

Since August 25, over 600,000 Rohingya refugees have crossed over into Bangladesh’s southeastern districts. More than half are women, and 60 percent of these are girls under 18. They have faced…


Oxfam Canada welcomes federal Crisis Relief Fund for Rohingya refugees

(Ottawa) Oxfam Canada welcomes the Government of Canada’s announcement that for every eligible donation made by individuals to registered Canadian charities until November 28, 2017, it will contribute an equivalent…

More funds needed to help Rohingya women who have fled rape and violence

There are now more than 120,000 pregnant women and mothers with new babies struggling to survive in cramped camps and settlements that are ill-equipped to deal with their needs. Among…

The Girl Child is Resilient, Strong and Unstoppable

Tags: Advocacy in Canada, Violence Against Women and Girls, Women's Transformative Leadership

“Do not get married if you are a child, because you do not yet understand about the household. “  These are the words of Putri (15) who, married at 13,…


Oxfam warns threat of disease rapidly rising as thousands more Rohingya arrive daily in Bangladesh

Oxfam warned today that an outbreak of cholera would devastate the camps in Bangladesh where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees are without safe water, shelter or enough food to…

Race to prevent disease as thousands more Rohingya arrive daily in Bangladesh

Aid workers are in a race against time to stop the rapid spread of disease as thousands of Rohingya people arrive in Bangladesh every day. Oxfam warned that an outbreak…

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya without shelter & clean water in flooded camps: Oxfam

More than 70 per cent of the nearly 430,000 Rohingya refugees who have fled to Bangladesh are without adequate shelter and half have no safe drinking water, Oxfam warned today.…

Still no real progress one year after landmark UN refugee pledge

The Declaration, first adopted last September, reaffirmed the responsibility of all nations to refugees, and laid out a two-year timeline for countries to develop and agree on a “global compact”…

Oxfam providing life-saving help to over 200,000 Rohingya in Bangladesh

Nearly 370,000 people crossed into Bangladesh in the past four weeks, doubling the number seeking refuge in the south east of the country. Many are now sleeping under open skies,…

Oxfam Responds to Urgent Needs of People Fleeing Conflict to Bangladesh

“Oxfam is deeply concerned about the plight of more than 160,000 civilians who have crossed the border into Bangladesh, and countless others caught up in the conflict in Rakhine State,…

Oxfam responds as 43 million hit by South Asia Floods

Some 1,200 people have died and 43 million people have been hit by the monsoon rains and heavy flooding in the South Asian nations of Bangladesh, India, and Nepal so…

Bangladesh: Cyclone Roanu - Oxfam emergency teams at work

Bangladesh: Cyclone Roanu – Oxfam emergency teams at work    Oxfam is reaching communities in Bangladesh hit yesterday by Cyclone Roanu. Oxfam’s local partners have already reached Chittagong, taking emergency…

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