16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

Violence against women and girls is seen everywhere around the world and takes many different forms. You can play a role in stopping it - join the global campaign.

Oxfam works to build a safe and just world, where women and girls have rights, dignity and power over their lives. We want a world where women live free from violence.

November 25th -- the International Day against Violence against Women – marks the beginning of 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence - a global campaign to raise awareness of, and take action on, issues of gender-based violence.

To recognize the 16 days, Oxfam released a series of short real-life stories, documenting how people have experienced and stood up to gender violence. Each story shares the voice of a different person’s experience.

16 Days Stories

Read accounts from around the world, and work to deepen your understanding of violence against women. Together, we can work to end violence.

Oxfam is privileged to be part of this global movement of people who are challenging the systems, structures, beliefs and social assumptions that start and condone violence against women and girls. We work in partnership with activists and local organizations all over the world to end violence.

Read stories from the field and hear about Oxfam partners in action:

Talking about Violence

In conjunction with our discussion guide Oxfam invited serval experts to discuss their reading of our partners stories. Get inspired to lead your own discussion group by watching their conversation. 

(This video was aired as a live webcast, December 10, 2013)


Oxfam Partner Helps Maasai Girls Control their Own Destiny