Meet Gloria, one of Oxfam’s Humanitarian Superwomen

by Oxfam | June 3, 2018
Background media: Gloria, a young woman standing with a green Oxfam short in a rural village
Oxfam Canada

It can be particularly challenging as a young woman leading men in many African societies. As a native Tanzanian and Swahili speaker, Gloria is up to the task.

“It’s important we support each other as women.” – Gloria

“My first ambition was to become a doctor, but I instead became a water and sanitation engineer. I design and supervise the construction of water supply systems to ensure that people don’t get sick from sanitary issues. I am also a leading advocate for women’s rights in my community. It feels great to show your own people that it’s possible to make a real difference.”

What advice would Gloria give to other young women wanting to work for Oxfam?

“It starts with getting good grades. It’s important to work hard and deliver your best. You should also try and find support or guidance from women in the NGO sector. It’s important we support each other as women.”

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