Celebrate International Volunteer Day

by oxfamcanada | December 5, 2014
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On International Volunteer Day Google search reveals truth about volunteers

When you Google “volunteers” you automatically get another word added to your text: needed.

Oxfam’s vision is a just world without poverty. But more than that – we envision a world in which people can influence decisions which affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in which all human beings are valued and treated equally. We can’t do this alone.

Oxfam volunteers work every day for social change. This difficult and unselfish work involves campaigning to change unjust policies that perpetuate extreme inequality, unequal access to food, or climate change. It involves fundraising, organizing events, inspiring people to take action, answering telephones, and anything else you can imagine that helps bring our message to the public and deliver our programs.

Being a volunteer with Oxfam gives you power to make change in your community – and it also ensures that people living in poverty are given the power and the resources they need to enjoy their rights and become self-sustaining.

Oxfam volunteers have a strong sense of urgency to make this world a more sustainable and equitable one for now and for always. Their work is far from easy, as together we confront increasing inequality across the world that requires us more than ever to come together so collectively we can chart a new course to a fairer world.

At Oxfam, our volunteers are a constant reminder of the generosity and courageousness that exists in this world. We are deeply grateful to all of you who have joined us in this work. We know it’s not easy. But we also know that you’ve met some of the most important people in your lives doing this work and that you’ve had some of the most meaningful experiences doing this work. You’ve been there when we’ve seen change happen. Because of the power of people we saw the world create an Arms Trade Treaty and the biggest food and beverage companies commit to empowering women farmers.

We want to thank each and every one of you – our volunteers – for the contribution you’ve made to changing this world. Whether you signed a petition, collected 1000 signatures for a petition, helped at one event or come out to Oxfam group meetings every week, you’re a part of this network, this family, working to build a better, more just world.

Miriam, Kelly, Amanda and the campaigns team

Volunteer with Oxfam: //www.oxfam.ca/get-involved/volunteer
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