Shortchanged: Make Work Paid, Equal and Valued for Women.

by Oxfam Canada | October 16, 2016
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The global economy is not working for women. Gender inequality affects the jobs women have access to, the money they earn, and the way society values their work. Women who find employment are too often rewarded, not with independence and empowerment, but with poverty wages, unequal pay and insecure jobs. Even in the poorest communities, where poverty wages are a reality for men and women alike, women perform a disproportionate share of the crucial, yet unpaid and undervalued, work of caring for children, the sick and the aging.

Addressing the unequal economics of women’s work is essential to closing the gap in earnings and opportunities between women and men, and between rich and poor. With a feminist Prime Minister and a government committed to inclusive growth, Canada is well placed to take immediate steps to make women’s work paid, equal and valued here at home, and stand up for women’s rights worldwide.

Oxfam Canada

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