Oxfam Canada’s Feminist Knowledge Strategy

by Oxfam Canada | June 25, 2021
Background media: A woman wearing a mask in Pakistan is placing sticky notes on a white board
Credit: Zia Ul Abrar / Oxfam

Oxfam Canada's feminist knowledge uses a participatory and learning-centered approach that acknowledges existing power structures and inequalities and serves as an influencing or advocacy tool to end those inequalities. It focuses on the process of gathering and creating new knowledge as much as the outcomes or knowledge accumulated and documented. It also recognizes and emphasizes the political power of knowledge and evidence as tools in ending inequality and achieving genuine gender transformation through a feminist approach.

Oxfam Canada intends for a feminist knowledge strategy to balance uneven power structures and inspire change in social norms, attitudes and behaviour. Whether through research, MEAL or knowledge translation and communications, the spirit of the feminist knowledge strategy is to involve and empower the people with whom we work throughout all steps in research, MEAL and knowledge translation and communication.

Oxfam Canada

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