Investing in a Feminist Future: Federal Budget Brief 2020

by Oxfam Canada | February 11, 2020
Background media: A group of men and women celebrate the election of the first woman to the executive board of UGTT.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Over the past four years, Canada has taken leadership to advance women’s rights and gender equality on several fronts, and laid the ground for further progress through critical investments. Now is the time to build on the momentum and tackle remaining gaps.

Federal Budget 2020 is the opportunity for Canada to signal its renewed commitment to meeting the targets set out in the Beijing Platform for Action through ambitious and targeted investments. Women around the world are looking to Canada as a steadfast ally, particularly at a time of a rising backlash against women’s rights and attempts by anti-rights movements to reverse historical gains.

This brief outlines key investments the federal government should make to advance women’s rights in Canada and contribute to global progress.

Oxfam Canada

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