Good Enough to Eat: Where in the world are the best and worst places to eat?

by Oxfam Canada | January 16, 2014
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To better understand the challenges that people face getting enough of the right food, Oxfam has compiled a global snapshot of 125 countries indicating the best and worst places to eat. It is the first of its kind and reveals the different challenges that people face depending on where they live.

The Good Enough to Eat Index asks four core questions and refers to two measures to help ascertain the answers, using the latest global data available. These are:

  1. Do people have enough to eat? – Measured by levels of undernourishment and underweight children.
  2. Can people afford to eat? – Measured by food price levels compared to other goods and services  and food price volatility.
  3. Is food of good quality? – Measured by diversity of diet  and access to clean and safe water, and
  4. What is the extent of unhealthy outcomes of people’s diet? – Measured by diabetes  and obesity .

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