From the Technical to the Transformational: Applying Feminist M.E.L. principles to SRHR programming

by Oxfam | June 12, 2018
Background media: Oxfam has reparied the broken borehole in Lafeisa village, Awbere district. The borehole will reach 5000 people in the local community, before the borehole was fixed people were collecting rain water or walking 4 hours to collect water from another pump. Photo credit: Dan Medhurst/Oxfam

SRHR programming can be transformational when the agency, autonomy, and choice of women and people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions are prioritized, including through monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL).

Drawing on Oxfam Canada’s experience developing and applying mixed-method approaches to MEL rooted in feminist evaluation principles, this paper explores the value of applying a feminist MEL approach to SRHR programs.

Oxfam Canada

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