Creating Spaces Impact

by Oxfam Canada | September 26, 2019
Background media: Rownak Ara Haque, Shahnaj Parvin and Shamim Ara Begum of Pollisree pose as empowered women fighting for their rights as part of the Creating Spaces project. Rangpur, Bangladesh (2018).

Creating Spaces Impact

by Oxfam Canada | September 26, 2019

Creating Spaces was an important project in our work to end violence against women and girls, and child and early forced marriage. 

Violence in all its forms deeply harms women, families, communities and economies. Countries in South and East Asia have some of the highest rates of violence against women in the world.

It takes a village to end violence. Oxfam works with local organizations, people of all genders, political leaders, law enforcement and institutions to make violence unacceptable.

While many countries have established policies and programs to end violence, deeply entrenched values, attitudes and practices slow progress towards violence-free communities. Gender stereotypes still contribute to violence against women and girls. Domestic violence and marital rape, child, early and forced marriage, and trafficking for sexual exploitation and forced labour threaten the health and freedom of women and girls, and are a violation of their rights.

Through Creating Spaces, we prevented violence by changing local norms and laws, responded to violence by providing women and girl survivors with support, and improved understanding of violence by strengthening collective efforts and learning across the region.

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The Creating Spaces Story

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