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Committed to Care at the Generation Equality Forum

Tags: Feminist Aid, Women's Transformative Leadership, Women’s Economic Justice

Generation Equality Forum: A blueprint for gender equality “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights” – a key refrain from the Fourth United Nations World Conference…

A multi-storey street art painting on the side of a building in an urban environment depicts a woman and child, both with brown skin. In the foreground, there are four sets of wrinkled hands of varying skin tones palms facing us with leaves and butterflies in the background.

G7 Fuelling Inequality at Home and Around the World: Oxfam

Tags: Advocacy in Canada

(Ottawa) – As G7 leaders head to Biarritz, France, and President Macron promises to make the fight against inequality a priority at this year’s Summit, Oxfam says that the G7…

Six richest countries host less than 9% of refugees

The six wealthiest countries – which make up more than half the global economy – host less than nine percent of the world’s refugees while poorer countries and territories are…

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