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How to Get Canadian MPs to Act on COVID-19 Vaccine Accessibility

Tags: Advocacy in Canada

As restrictions ease in various provinces across the country, the idea of “returning to normal” remains far out of sight for the poorest people on the planet.

Illustration of two people standing on land that is separated by water. On the left piece of land, behind the person there is a stockpile of vaccines. The grass is also slightly greener than the right side. On the land to the right, there are no vaccines and the grass is slightly yellower. The sky toward the left is also slightly bluer than the sky on the right which is gray.

Rosario's story, Bolivia

Tags: Natural Disasters, Water, Women's Transformative Leadership

Women and Climate Change: Stories of EMPOWERMENT Rosario’s story The Santa Rosa Community is made up of around 30 families, including Rosario’s. They live about 50 km from Guayaramerín in…