What She Knows Matters

What She Knows Matters –– ask her.

Every day, women in refugee camps risk violence because they’ve been left out of even basic decisions—like where to build the toilets.

What She Knows Matters is a campaign about putting power and decision making in the hands of women affected by conflict worldwide. Join our movement. Let's commit to aid that listens.

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protected  and powerful: Putting Resources and Decision Making Power in the Hands of Women in Conflict

Humanitarian crises are hard for everyone, though particularly difficult for women and girls. They face increased risk of violence, exhausting workloads to ensure their families survive and lack full control over decisions that affect the trajectories of their lives.

Gender equality is the issue of our time—the issue by which future generations will judge us. We are in a position to make a real difference. The time is now. Millions of women and girls affected by conflict and violence around the world are counting on it.

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Museum without a home tour

Please join us for an evening of art, food and music as we support a movement to put power and decision-making ability in the hands of women forced to flee conflict worldwide.

  • NOVEMBER 20  |  St-John’s, NL  |  More Info
  • NOVEMBER 22  |  Ottawa, ON  |  More Info
  • NOVEMBER 26  |  Calgary, AB  |  More Info
  • NOVEMBER 29  |  Vancouver, BC  |  More Info

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