Syria Refugee Crisis

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It is four years since the start of the conflict in Syria and the crisis continues to deepen. 83% of Syria’s lights have gone out over the last four years. It is time to turn the lights back on.

One Syria Story

Though Yarmouk is described as a Palestinian camp on the outskirts of Damascus, it has evolved over the years into a city with built-up houses and shops. Through the conflict in Syria, many of its streets have now been turned into rubble.

One Syria Story

Ghossoun, 38, a school teacher, remembers her family’s escape from Syria, sitting on a mattress in Jordan, where they took refuge a year and a half ago.

Photo: Sam Tarling, Oxfam

A few days after the high-profile summit on ending sexual violence in conflict hosted by the UK government and Angelina Jolie in London, a group of Syrian women met in Amman, Jordan. There were no celebrities at this meeting, and no cameras. In fact, if there had been cameras many of the women...

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. Photo: Oxfam

What does it feel like to be a refugee, forced to flee to an unfamiliar country and dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive?

Today, over 5 million Syrian children are in need of assistance, including over 1 million children who have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Photo: Muath Freij/Oxfam

As the third anniversary of the Syria crisis approaches, it is impossible not to be affected by the plight of millions of children caught in the cross-fire, fleeing with families or beginning their lives as refugees in Syria’s neighboring countries.

Aid alone cannot bring an end to the Syria crisis. Talking to refugees in Jordan with whom Oxfam is working, there is shared sense of desperation that a political solution must be found.

It was a Hunger Games movie poster. Now it's someone's house. Syrian refugees use whatever they can find. Lebanon. Photo: Ben Phillips/Oxfam

There are over one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The international aid response is chronically underfunded across the region. There is a clear need to do more to help Lebanon cope. The challenges are challenges for the international community as a whole.

A child refugee in Al Jaleel refugee camp, one of the oldest Palestinian camps in Lebanon. Photo: Fred Perraut/Oxfam

This week, the UN has announced that more than one million children from Syria are now refugees. This is nearly half of the 1.9 million refugees that have fled to neighboring countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, and Iraq.

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