Change in Social Norms Around Men’s Unpaid Care Work

Clip art of eight photos. Top left: man feeding baby with bottle. Next: man reading book on yellow armchair with lamp in background holding baby. Next: Man holding baby while doing ironing yellow shirt with blue blanket and green shirt hanging on clothes line behind. Next: man cooking in front of pot and pan with baby in chef hat holding spatula to the right. Bottom Left: man sitting on washing machine with baby and red laundry basket at the bottom right with yellow shirt and blue blanket in it. Next: man watering flower pots next to baby. Next: Man playing with baby making tower with toy blocks. Two picture frames of bucket and sun behind. Next: man vaccuming with baby sitting on vacuum canister with plant and drawer in the background.

Social norms which restrict men’s participation in unpaid care work need to change in order to achieve gender equality. But, how do these norms change? Lucia Rost shares insight from research in northern Uganda. Domestic work and caring for people is crucial to society and the economy. Across the world, women undertake more than three-quarters of unpaid…

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