WorldPride 2014

by Oxfam | June 21, 2014
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Everyone's got a right to Pride!

Oxfam supporters, partners and staff from around the world celebrated our work to advance LGBTI rights at WorldPride 2014!

WorldPride took place in Toronto from June 20-29th. Oxfam hosted LGBTI activists who are making history in CubaMozambiqueVietnam, and Zimbabwe.

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Oxfam-related events during WorldPride

WorldPride Human Rights Conference

In addition to the events that listed above, Oxfam’s partners were panelists during the WorldPride Human Rights Conference, June 25th to June 27th.

Partner Profiles

Click here for detailed biographies

1. CENESEX (Cuban National Center for Sex Education)

  • CENESEX is a teaching, advocacy, and research institute focused on sexual diversity, with a long history of advancing LGBTI rights, sex workers’ rights, and more in Cuba.
  • Represented by Mariela Castro Espín (Director of CENESEX) & by Manuel Vázquez Seijido (Director of Legal Counseling, CENESEX)
  • CENESEX web site

2. The Sexual Rights Centre (Zimbabwe)

  • SRC seeks to mainstream an understanding and affirmation of sexual rights in service provision, institutions and organizations
  • Represented by Mojalife Mokoele, a program officer with SRC, the first openly gay individual to be interviewed in Zimbabwean media. Mojalifa is a very passionate advocate for LGBTI rights, women’s rights, and sex workers’ rights.
  • Read Oxfam Canada’s profile

3. Centre for Research Innovative Communication and Services on Sexuality (ICS-Vietnam)

  • ICS works with teachers, students, non-profit organizations, journalists, lawyers to change social awareness about LGBTI issues in schools, media, and the public service
  • Represented by Nguyen Hai Yen, a Program Officer with the ICS. Yen has administrated, founded, and/or participated in the first online forums and in-person programming for LGBTI rights within Vietnam
  • ICS - Vietnam web site and YouTube page

4. LAMBDA- Association of Sexual Minorities Human Rights (Mozambique, supported by Oxfam Novib):

  • LAMBDA is presently the only LGBTI NGO in Mozambique
  • Represented by Frank Bernando Amade Lileza, Assistant of Communication and Documentation and Impact Mitigation, and Karina Hermina Conde Nhassengo, Organizational Member.
  • LAMBDA works to increase the visibility and acceptance of sexual minorities in Mozambique through conferences, workshops, theater, and celebration
  • LAMBDA web site and Facebook page

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