Terry Rogocki

by Oxfam | April 17, 2013
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Volunteers are active in Oxfam's campaigns, organizing fundraising and raising awareness in their communities. 

"My experience with Oxfam goes all the way back to the 70s when I was an elementary school student doing the Miles for Millions Walk. Going ahead a few years, while studying Anthropology and Geography, I took many courses linked to international development, with Oxfam coming up as a continuous source of well-researched and credible information. After graduation, I worked overseas and locally in international education, and went on to graduate school to focus on leadership, and stakeholder involvement.

"As a result of my studies, my thoughts returned to my interest in international development and I ended-up in Sri Lanka as a Livelihoods Development Advisor. Once again Oxfam came into the picture. I was asked to collaborate on a dairy cooperative project with Oxfam Great Britain, and I was able to see how Oxfam worked on the ground and observe first-hand the Assets Based Community Development Approach in action.

"When I returned from Sri Lanka, I was excited to learn that Oxfam Canada had a regional office in Vancouver and I quickly set-up an appointment to identify opportunities. Miriam Palacios (Pacific Region Outreach Officer) asked me to come on board as a volunteer, to network with local partners and to join the Regional Steering Committee (which I did at the end of 2008). It was a steep learning curve. But, at the same time, being on the Committee allowed me to be part of a team that analyzed policies, reflected on governance issues, and critiqued the decisions being made. It was, and continues to be, an empowering experience.

"Over the past five years, as a Regional Steering Committee member, I have been fortunate to volunteer with the We Can (End All Violence Against Women) Campaign as a facilitator for the Change makers Leadership Institutes, to facilitate workshops at the Annual Regional Summits, and to do outreach work at events such as Pride, Farmer's Markets, the Hungry4Change Banquet, Film Nights and the World Food Day (GROW Week) fundraiser. This year I am the co-Chair of the Regional Steering Committee.

"When I look back at why I have been so involved with Oxfam, I would have to say it’s because of the people and the chance for ongoing learning. I am constantly motivated by the energy of Regional Steering Committee, the Advocacy and Outreach Committee, by Miriam's continuous support, and by Oxfam's commitment to gender justice, human rights, inclusiveness, and dignity. It's impossible to not be inspired when volunteering with such a wonderful and tireless network."
Terry Rogocki, British Columbia


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