Solidarity: Let’s make sure it doesn’t end here

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On Monday June 20, 2016, we marked World Refugee Day, standing with refugees around the world, from Syria to Burundi. Just two days later, we stood together in solidarity once again - on what would have been the eve of Jo' Cox's birthday. British MP Jo Cox worked for Oxfam for many years, passionately campaigning on behalf of refugees fleeing violence around the world. She was a friend, an inspiration to us all here at Oxfam, and will be sorely missed.

For Jo, it was clear that the things we have in common are much more important than the things that divide us.

She knew that that behind the headlines about refugees there are millions of real people. People who have fled their homes because of violence, poverty or disaster on their doorstep – who then walk into a world of uncertainty and often danger.

As we reflect on the powerful moments of this past week, we are reminded that it is up to every one of us to speak up in support of those who need it, to use our voices, and to promote unity over hatred.

Thank you for standing in solidarity with us and with millions of displaced people across the world.

Let’s make sure it doesn’t end here.


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