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by Oxfam | May 3, 2013
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Oxfam Canada

Oxfam donors offer letters of support in honour of the courageous women
we work with around the world.

Defere is a schoolgirl in Ethiopia.

Farida is a mother in Mozambique.

Maria is a grandmother in Nicaragua.

They’ve all been touched by the generosity of Oxfam’s supporters.

Defere Zegeye is a Grade-9 student at Mandura Secondary School in Ethiopia. With donor support Oxfam Canada funds  a school program that allows Defere and other girls to continue their education. The program run by our partner, the Forum for African Women Educationalists, offers a full year of education. Defere gets a school uniform and a new pair of shoes. She also receives 20 exercise books, 10 pens, 10 pencils, 2 mathematical instrument sets and a stipend of $12 a month.

Many families in Ethiopia have limited funds and often there is little or no money for girls’ education. But donations from our donors give girls like Defere the opportunity of a lifetime.

Farida Maene is a mother in Mozambique who dreamed of a better life for her family and herself. But with five children to take care of and no time for anything else, she felt trapped and she fell into what she calls “a bottomless sadness”. Then, Farida joined the horticultural association of Nhacolo, where she learned to grow and sell vegetables and much more. Today, at forty years old, Farida is a small-hold farmer and she has learned to read and write too.

Maria Flores is in her late sixties; She is a farmer and community leader in Nindirí, Nicaragua. For the past twelve years, Maria has also been associated with the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (FENACOOP), an Oxfam partner. The co-op Maria belongs to helps her and other women with credit, financing, technical assistance and legal help. Maria and the other members of the co-op grow food for themselves, using sustainable farming practices, and sell their surplus at the nearby Masaya market.

Along with their financial support, Oxfam’s donors often write notes of encouragement and support in honour of the courageous women and men we workl with around the world. here are just a few of their letters:

written letters from Oxfam Supporters

Letters of support

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