Laurie Langhorne

by alvaro | April 17, 2013
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Volunteers are active in Oxfam's campaigns, organizing fundraising and raising awareness in their communities. Here are some Oxfam members who make a difference by volunteering.


"What first drew me to Oxfam was its passion for social justice along with its dedication and hard work in providing access to clean and safe drinking water to those affected by natural disasters.

"My volunteering with Oxfam Canada began on campus in 2007 when I was an undergraduate student at the University of Regina. Since then, my involvement has expanded to the Prairie Regional Steering Committee in late 2007 where I have worn many hats including interim committee Chair, the Regional Youth Liaison, as a representative of the Regina community, and as a member at large.

"My most rewarding experience with the Regional Steering Committee has been providing regional support throughout various staffing changes over the years. This work showed me how adaptable, fluid and supportive Oxfam Canada is to both the region and its members.

"Throughout my involvement with the Regional Steering Committee, I have seen the work, dedication and commitment that Oxfam Canada has made towards ending global poverty grow throughout its campaigns over the years. I believe 100 per cent that Oxfam Canada will achieve their goal of ending global poverty by promoting women’s rights, and I intend on being with them every step of the way."


Laurie Langhorne, Prairies


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