In Nepal women lead the reconstruction

by oxfamcanada | April 22, 2016
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For years, many Nepali men would leave the country to work in the Gulf states and Malaysia to be able to support their families, leaving many families with female-headed households. Despite the major role Nepali women play in their communities, women own only 19% of housing and land, and more than a quarter of women go without a citizen certificate. This puts them at risk of being excluded from the relief and reconstruction programmes.  

Women are at the heart of Oxfam’s relief and recovery efforts.  Oxfam and our partners create a support system for women, especially the most vulnerable such as single women, widows, elderly and those suffering from HIV/Aids, trauma or handicaps. Eight women’s centres have been opened, where women find a safe place and receive legal and psychosocial counseling. The centres also provide separate toilets and safe bathing spaces.  

Oxfam and our partners distributed 8000 dignity kits (including undergarments, sanitary napkins and clothes) and 7000 need based kits (including blankets, radio, education kits and/or solar lights, etc). Women were further supported by referral services, strengthening women’s groups, life skills training and livelihood support.  

How can you show your support?

By donating to Oxfam Canada’s Emergency Response Fund (ERF), you are contributing to our ability to provide timely, appropriate responses to emergency situations and support reconstruction work in developing countries. Thank you for your support. Lives depend on it.

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