Celebrating International Day of Families

by oxfamcanada | May 15, 2015
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"Our women's rights committees are successful because they incorporate men within the structure. When talking about the committee, one man told us: "Women and girls used to be inferior to men, in Maasai culture, and their contributions were not taken seriously. Now women are leaders, and they can teach men."
– Jillian, Pastoral Women’s Council, Loliondo, Tanzania
Engendering Change was a five year program co-funded by the Canadian Government and Oxfam Canada donors, focused on advancing women’s rights and gender equality by supporting partner organizations to integrate better gender justice strategies into their organizations and work.
Oxfam partnered with the Pastoral Women’s Council in Loliondo, Tanzania.
The Pastoral Women's Council (PWC) was founded to find long-term solutions for the poverty and marginalisation of Maasai pastoralist women and children. PWC is women-led and is solely focused on reducing inequalities and promoting justice for Maasai women and children. PWC works to address three key problems facing Maasai women:

-Lack of education for Maasai girls.
-Lack of financial independence and property ownership rights.
-Lack of participation in political decisions.

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