Ceasefire Now: 5 Actions to Take for Gaza

by Oxfam Canada | November 9, 2023
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Background media: The Israeli airstrikes destroyed Al Zahra City. Residential towers in the Gaza Strip were turned into rubble during an Israeli airstrike, with at least twenty-five residential towers being targeted.
Photo: Alef Multimedia Company/ Oxfam

Ceasefire Now: Stand with Us

Like you, we are watching the humanitarian catastrophe unfold before our eyes in Gaza. We are deeply dismayed by the lack of political will to call for an immediate ceasefire. If you are feeling sad, angry, disappointed – we hear you. We feel it, too. But we are also seeing a shift: the outpouring of public support for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza is working.

The Power is in the People

During a very moving briefing with our regional colleagues, our colleague Bushra Khalidi, Palestinian Policy Lead at Oxfam in the West Bank, told us that “the power is in the people.” She asked us to keep speaking up for the people of Gaza, who need us now more than ever.

Together, we have the power to make a difference for the 2.2 million people in Gaza without access to basic human needs like water, food, sanitation, and safety.

And so, we pass on Bushra’s message to you. Will you help us keep up the momentum and help us demand a ceasefire for Gaza now?

5 Ways to Take Action for Gaza

1) Sign our petition

Let the Canadian government know you support an immediate ceasefire. We need to urgently protect Palestinian and Israeli civilians and humanitarian workers from attacks and allow water, food, fuel, healthcare and other vital aid into Gaza. To do this, humanitarian workers must have a ceasefire to enter Gaza safely. Sign the petition now.

2) Contact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and your Member of Parliament TODAY

Urge them to support an immediate ceasefire by all parties and enact all possible measures to protect civilians.

To write to Justin Trudeau, use the contact form on the Prime Minister’s website. Or send a letter here:

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, P.C., M.P. Prime Minister of Canada 80 Wellington Street Ottawa ON K1A 0A2

If you need help drafting the letter, here’s a template you are welcome to use:

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, 
Attacks that deliberately target civilians are never justifiable, and the international community needs to call for the protection of Palestinian and Israeli civilians now.
Humanitarian assistance is critical as we are watching the humanitarian catastrophe unfold in Gaza, with people lacking water, food, fuel, healthcare and other vital essentials to life.

Halting the violence is the only way to guarantee the entry of vital aid and humanitarian personnel into Gaza, and to protect the civilians who are bearing the brunt of the conflict.
Time is of the essence, and we need you to use all levers you have to push for a ceasefire.
I urge you to call for an immediate ceasefire and access to humanitarian aid. Sincerely,
[your name]

To write to your member of Parliament: Find out who your member of Parliament is on the parliamentary website. Click on their profile to find their email and their Constituency Office address. You can also write to them at the Hill postage-free here:

[name of you member of Parliament] House of Commons Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

3) Join a rally in your area

The power is in the people. People across Canada are mobilizing to show their support for a ceasefire in Gaza, the most important thing you can do is join them. Oxfam Canada has joined a coalition of 100+ civil society organizations to mobilize support for a ceasefire. It includes a list of actions, rallies and marches happening across Canada please use it to find and share actions happening in your local area. Find a local action

4) Donate, if you can.

The humanitarian need in Gaza is unprecedented, and the funds you provide will enable us to have aid ready to reach those in need as soon as it is safe to do so. While the bombing continues, Oxfam has been able to provide some support through our local partners to people in Gaza. We have distributed cash to more than 400 families to purchase food and other essentials and distributed 1,000 food kits and 400 hygiene kits. If you can, please donate today.

5) Share.

As widely and as often as you can. Amplifying the voices of those being silenced by the incessant bombing sends a powerful message and keeps the eyes of the world focused on Gaza. We have regularly posted updates from our staff in Gaza via our social media channels. Follow Oxfam Canada on InstagramFacebookX (formerly known as Twitter) and LinkedIn to help us reach even more people with their stories and our calls for a ceasefire.



Oxfam has been working in the OPT and Israel since the 1950s and established a country office in the 1980s. Prior to the current conflict we worked in the most vulnerable communities in Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Area C, the 61 percent of the West Bank where the government of Israel maintains full military and civil control.

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