Standing on the sidelines: Why food and beverage companies must do more to tackle climate change

by oxfamcanada | May 20, 2014

In this report, Oxfam calls on the Big 10 to face up to the scale of greenhouse gas emissions produced through their supply chains, and address the deforestation and unsustainable land-use practices they allow to happen.

The Big 10 must set new targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions throughout their supply chains. But they cannot tackle climate risk by acting alone. They have a duty to step off the sidelines and use their influence to call for urgent climate action from other industries and governments.

Key recommendations from the report

Food and beverage companies should:

  • Know and show their climate change emissions, including emissions in their supply chains
  • Commit to quantifiable greenhouse gas emissions reductions
  • Advocate for ambitious action to combat climate change
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