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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Oxfam Canada’s Feminist Principles

Oxfam Canada’s Feminist Principles

by Oxfam | December 16, 2018

Oxfam Canada’s Feminist Principles

by Oxfam | December 16, 2018
Women in a participatory workshop.

Oxfam Canada’s Feminist Principles shape and guide our approach to our work across the organization – with partnership, in our long-term development work, in our humanitarian programming, in our policy advocacy and campaigns, and in our organizational culture and behaviour.

Developed collaboratively by Oxfam Canada staff, ten feminist principles have been developed:

  • Support transformative change
  • Recognize power and privilege
  • Put women’s rights actors at the centre of our work
  • Honour context and complexity
  • Celebrate diversity and challenge discrimination through an intersectional approach
  • ‘Nothing about me without me’
  • Do no harm
  • Balance learning and accountability
  • Support knowledge for transformative change
  • Commit to organizational transformation


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