Gender and Climate Toolkit

by Oxfam Canada | October 27, 2021

This guide is designed to help climate activists, environmental not-for-profits and other civil society organizations in Canada adopt an intersectional, feminist approach to climate justice. It provides an overview of why hearing and responding to the diverse experiences of women and girls is essential to climate justice, and provides tools to support the intersectional analysis of policies and initiatives so as advance climate justice for all.

Oxfam has been raising awareness and building momentum to address the climate crisis for the past two decades. Using a rights-based approach, Oxfam has focused on drawing attention to the human costs of climate change, supporting communities to adapt and respond to climate-related risks and providing humanitarian relief in the face of climate disasters. Oxfam’s recent advocacy has focused on carbon inequality and international climate finance.

Within this multi-faceted international effort, Oxfam Canada centres gender justice as a critical element of climate justice. Oxfam offers this guide as a tool to support an inclusive, feminist approach to climate justice as organizations and individuals advance their climate advocacy.

Oxfam Canada

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