Failing Syria: Assessing the Impact of UN Security Resolutions

by Oxfam Canada | March 11, 2015

Despite three Security Council resolutions adopted in 2014 demanding action to secure protection and assistance for civilians, humanitarian access to large parts of Syria has diminished and more people are being killed, displaced and are in need of help than ever before.

Approximately 12.2 million people are in need in Syria. Oxfam has reached over 1.5 million people affected by the Syria crisis, across Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Women and children have been particularly affected by the violence.

In this hard-hitting report, agencies present a score card that compares the demands made in the Security Council resolutions last year, with the reality on the ground. The grim statistics reveal how the resolutions have been ignored or undermined by the parties to the conflict, members of the Security Council and other UN member states.

  • People are not protected: 2014 has seen reports of 76,000 people killed in the conflict out of a total of at least 220,000 deaths over four years.
  • Aid access has not improved: 4.8 million people reside in areas defined by the UN as “hard to reach”, 2.3 million more than in 2013.
  • Humanitarian needs have increased: 5.6 million children are in need of aid, a 31 per cent increase since 2013.
  • Humanitarian funding has decreased compared to needs: In 2013, 71% of the funds needed to support civilians inside Syria and refugees in neighbouring countries were provided. In 2014, this had declined to 57%.

Women face violence in Syria and when they flee to neighboring countries. Forced and child marriage, rape, and sexual harassment are common occurrences. Women and girls rarely report such incidents and so they occur with impunity. The harsh winter weather has been particularly hard on refugees whose shelter is barely adequate for survival. Many women have been caring for families and living in camps through 4 seasons of ice, snow and storms.

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