Geared for Success

Development Project

Geared for Success

Championing education for refugees, internally displaced, and host community children in South Sudan and Uganda

Background media: Three young female students wearing facemasks and holding notebooks, look directly at the camera while standing outside their school.
Photo: Mustafa Osman/Oxfam

The Situation

Despite global and regional commitments to ensure all children have access to education, refugee and internally displaced children and youth, especially young women and adolescent girls, are being left behind.

Getting an education is challenging for children and youth living as refugees in Uganda and who are internally displaced in South Sudan. It's even harder to get one that fosters gender equality and diversity in the classroom, especially for young women and adolescent girls.

Girls who receive an education have more opportunities to reach their full potential. They live healthier lives, wait longer to start a family, usually have fewer children, and are more likely to ensure their children attend school.

But harmful social norms, practices and stereotypes prevent many refugee and internally displaced young women and adolescent girls from staying in school. In Uganda, 47 per cent of refugee girls enroll in primary school, while only 33 per cent attend secondary school. In South Sudan, there are seven girls for every ten boys in primary school; at secondary school, the figure worsens, with only five girls for every ten boys.

Adding to these hurdles is the gap between the educational needs of refugee and internally displaced populations and the financial and material capacity and resources provided by the governments hosting people experiencing forced displacement. Non-refugee children living in communities hosting refugee or internally displaced people also face educational struggles.

Organizations supporting refugees and internally displaced people are working on the frontline to provide essential educational services to fill this gap, but more assistance and resources are needed to expand their formidable efforts.


South Sudan, Uganda, Canada

5 years (2022-2027)

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This project is undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada, provided through Global Affairs Canada, and the generous Canadian public.

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Project at a Glance

The total number of people that this project will impact.
The number of implementing partner organizations in South Sudan and Uganda.
The number of young women and adolescent girls that this project will directly impact.

What are we doing?


Strengthening the ability of community organizations to provide, expand, and champion gender equality and diversity in education for young people, especially girls and teenagers.


Championing women's participation and leadership in organizations supporting refugees and internally displaced people through mentoring and training.


Engage Canadians and diaspora populations from South Sudan and Uganda to learn more about refugee and internally displaced children and youth and support their access to inclusive educational opportunities.

What do we hope to achieve?

Geared for Success will contribute to making education a reality for forcibly displaced children and youth in South Sudan and Uganda, especially young women and girls. Over five years, the project will provide technical and financial support to local organizations working with refugees and internally displaced people.

Since many forcibly displaced adolescent girls and young women aged 15 to 29 don't get the same educational opportunities as boys and young men do, Geared for Success especially supports equitable and inclusive learning to transform gender relations. The project addresses harmful social norms, practices and stereotypes to support young women and adolescent girls living as refugees and internally displaced people to take the lead in shaping their lives and their communities.

Geared for Success is implemented by an innovative partnership between Oxfam Canada and War Child Canada and six community organizations supporting refugees and internally displaced people in South Sudan and Uganda.

Thanks to this project we will:

  • Provide access to education to 37,400 refugees, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and host community children and youth;
  • Strengthen the capacity and performance of 6 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Uganda and South Sudan on gender-responsive education;
  • Organize training sessions with 80 male staff in CBOs in South Sudan and Uganda to enable the adoption of organizational policies and practices that promote women's leadership;
  • Train 75 women in CBOs on effective leadership, human rights, self-confidence, conflict management and peacebuilding, and good environmental stewardship
  • Provide gender-responsive training to 100+ influencers and 200+ refugees and IDPs in South Sudan and Uganda
  • We will engage 150,000 Canadians in awareness campaigns around the importance of gender-responsive quality education initiatives for refugee and internally displaced children, especially girls.

Our Project Partners

Make a difference in the future of refugee and displaced children and young people in South Sudan and Uganda by supporting their access to quality education.

Background media: A school building in Juba, South Sudan.
Photo: Mustafa Osman/Oxfam

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