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Addise, 26, Beekeeping Cooperative Secretary, Bahirdar, Ethiopia. Photo: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam.

A group of women sitting on the ground and speaking with Oxfam Canada's Executive Director
Interim Executive Director Kate Higgins and Oxfam humanitarian staff Celia Bila Bila Bartolomeu attend a community activity in Chissigangue, Mozambique. Photo: Caroline Leal/Oxfam.

A man in a green Oxfam t-shirt carrying equipment out of a truck
An Oxfam hygiene kit distribution in Papua New Guinea. Photo: Vlad Sokhin Panos/Oxfam.

A woman hanging laundry from a pink bucket while smiling in the sun
Melody, 31, hangs up her laundry outside her home in Misvago region, Zimbabwe. Photo: Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville/Oxfam.

A young woman in a blue school uniform, presenting something to her classmates
A teen takes part in a workshop on ending child marriage and violence against women in Nepal. Photo: Aurélie Marrier d'Unienville/Oxfam.

A group of four young women, sitting in a circle and having an planning conversation
Oxfam volunteers brainstorm during a workshop. Photo: Patrick Moran/Oxfam.

A young woman, speaking to a group of women in front of a green latrine with the Oxfam logo painted on it
An Oxfam staff member consults Rohingya refugee women. Photo: Salahuddin Ahmed/Oxfam.

A woman wearing a colourful outfit, speaking to a group of women who are circled around her in Bangladesh
A community workshop takes place in Pakistan. Photo: Khaula Jamil/Oxfam

Three woman, raising their fists in a show of strength and partnership against a concrete wall
SHE project partners in the Philippines. Photo: Caroline Leal/Oxfam.

A woman in a bright orange dress and a man placing cobs of corn into a blue bucket while standing in a corn field
Ulita and her husband Muchineripi collect corn near their home in Zimbabwe. Photo: Aurélie Marrier d'Unienville/Oxfam.

A woman wearing a yellow shirt drawing different plant illustrations on a chart paper
Camino Verde participants in Guatemala brainstorm together. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam.

A woman in a pink headscarf holding a child with a mosquito net in the background somewhere in Western Africa
Ramatou, 19, and her 2 year old child Oumarou, at her grandmother’s house in Torodi, Niger. Photo: Chris de Bode/Oxfam.

A woman in white clothes standing in front of trees while looking at the camera with an optimistic expression
Bitewish is a member of a honey value chain cooperative in Ethiopia. Photo: Dan Medhurst/Oxfam.

A woman wearing an Oxfam shirt, standing in front of a latrine in Southern Africa
Fatima poses in front of a newly constructed latrine built by Oxfam at the Educaid high school in Port Loko, Sierra Leone. Photo: Tommy Trenchard/Oxfam.

A woman washing her hands and smiling in a clean washroom somewhere in the Middle East region
Oxfam's Gashaw Shareef oversees renovation works in Al Rusul school for girls in west Mosul, Iraq. Photo: Tegid Cartwright/Oxfam.

A young woman standing in front of a map while smiling
Sarah is a community health worker in San Rafael, Philippines. Photo: Caroline Leal/Oxfam.

An older woman with white curly hair, smiling and holding three pineapples
Lisy Lingi on the way to her pineapple field in Malekula, Vanuatu. Photo: Artur Francisco/Oxfam.

A young woman speaking to peers in a classroom
Hanod, youth leader, speaks to her peers through the Creating Spaces project in the Philippines. Photo: Vina Salazar/Oxfam.

A woman with a serious look on her face speaking into a microphone
Gilda, a youth activist, raises awareness about sexual health in Mozambique through a local radio show. Photo: Caroline Leal/Oxfam.

Two women writing instructions onto a large piece of chart paper
Camino Verde participants in Guatemala brainstorm together. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam.

A woman wearing an Oxfam vest and lanyard speaking with a group of people around a table with a chart paper behind her
Iffat briefs her team in the Rohingya camps. Photo: Salahuddin Ahmed/Oxfam.

A woman wearing bright purple, sitting on the floor with a man and drawing instructions on a large piece of light blue paper
Jamna and her husband Vushnu map out the construction of their new home in Badin, Pakistan. Photo: Khaula Jamil/Oxfam.

A group of eight children playing soccer on a grass field
Teenagers play football in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Photo: El Colectivo/Oxfam.

A woman preparing a meal at dusk surrounded by blue and white tents in a refugee camp
A mother prepares her meal in the Olive Grove refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece. Photo: Giorgos Moutafis/Oxfam.

A woman wearing a red and yellow headscarf speaking to a group of women using a microphone
Domestic workers in Bangladesh participate in the 16 Days of Activism. Photo: Red Orange/Oxfam.

A woman and her friend carrying a yellow jerrycan of water with the Oxfam logo on her head
Two women carry water in Oxfam jerry cans in Muna Garage, Nigeria. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam.

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