Making It Happen: Oxfam’s proposals for the post-2015 framework

Sufia, with women working as day labourers, help to raise the ground beneath her home to cope with rising seas and high tides, Char Atra, Shariatpur district, Bangladesh (2009). © Dan Chung / Oxfam GB

In 2015 the world has a historic opportunity to set ambitious goals to end poverty and protect the planet.

In 2015 the world has a historic opportunity to set ambitious goals to end poverty and protect the planet. As the era of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) comes to an end, two major injustices continue to undermine the efforts of millions of people to escape poverty and hunger: inequality and climate change. The post-2015 framework that succeeds the MDGs must address these twin challenges through stand-alone goals to eradicate extreme economic inequality and to ensure climate-resilient and sustainable low-carbon development, as well as in targets throughout the framework that address both.

This paper puts forwards Oxfam’s proposals for what new goals and targets should be included and how they can be designed to bring about lasting change.

Key recommendations from the report:

Oxfam proposes that the following 11 goals be included in the new framework:

Building more equal societies
Goal 1: Eradicate extreme economic inequality
Goal 2: Eradicate extreme poverty
Goal 3: Achieve gender equality and realize women’s human rights
Goal 4: Ensure universal health coverage
Goal 5: Ensure universal, free, quality education and lifelong learning

Building resilience in a warming world
Goal 6: Ensure climate-resilient and sustainable low carbon development consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5oC
Goal 7: Eradicate hunger and ensure the right to food for all
Goal 8: Ensure universal and sustainable access to water and sanitation
Goal 9: Reduce global risks to sustainable development

Enabling the framework
Goal 10: Ensure political equality through inclusive governance
Goal 11: Financing the framework

Making it Happen 

Making It Happen
Oxfam’s proposals for the post-2015 framework

Making it Happen Making It Happen
Publication Date: 
June 2014
Publication Author: 
David Taylor, Economic Justice Policy Advisor, Oxfam GB