Emergency Response

Emergency Response
Some disasters can’t be prevented—or imagined in advance. But as soon as they strike, Oxfam is ready to respond with assistance to save lives, rebuild, and prevent future disasters.

Responding to Emergencies

At any given time, Oxfam is responding to over 30 emergency situations around the world, giving life-saving support to those most in need. We provide life-saving supplies like clean water, food, sanitation and protection in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. We provide help for people to get food and the essentials they need to survive, and ensure the most vulnerable are kept safe from harm.

In the longer term, Oxfam works with communities on disaster risk reduction, helping to anticipate and prepare for the most common kinds of events, and prevent or mitigate the worst impacts.

We help those affected by natural disaster and conflict to rebuild their livelihoods. We then work to reduce the risk of another disaster through long-term development programs and campaigns that tackle the root causes of poverty. In everything we do, we put women’s rights at the core of our actions.

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Protecting Women's Rights

Humanitarian disasters – and our responses to them – impact women and men differently. For instance, during situations of crisis and displacement, women are often responsible for their fleeing families, and regularly risk their personal safety to collect water and food. Everyday tasks such as sleeping, using the toilet and getting water can become dangerous, as women and girls face increased risk of sexual and gender based violence.

Together, we can change the story.

Oxfam commits to promoting gender equality and preventing gender based violence (GBV) and violence against women (VAW) by implementing our Minimum Standards for Gender in Emergencies. These include: 

  • Implementing and monitoring humanitarian interventions to ensure safe programming in all situations, in consultation with women, girls, men and boys.
  • Advocating where possible for gender-responsive policies and practices within communities.
  • Providing access to safe, confidential services for survivors of VAW/GBV.
  • Supporting long-term efforts to tackle the root causes of GBV/VAW.
  • Supporting other local organizations which challenge attitudes on gender equality.

Oxfam plans our emergency responses with gender equality in mind, in order to address women and girl’s specific needs and to mitigate the immediate threats to their safety. By doing so, we can change the story for women and girls in conflict.

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Some disasters can’t be prevented, or imagined in advance. But as soon as they strike, Oxfam needs to be ready to respond. Your gift to Oxfam’s Emergency Response Fund goes directly toward our emergency response work, present and future.

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Disaster Response

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