Statement from Oxfam Canada’s Executive Director on International Women’s Day

March 7, 2014
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Everyday, across the world, courageous and dedicated women are leading change: they produce food, make up a third of the official labour force and care for families and homes.

While gender continues to be a primary determinant of poverty, significant shifts have been made around the world to advance women’s rights and increase gender equality.

International Women's Day is a chance for all of us to celebrate what we have gained, remember how far we have come but also recognize the challenges that lie ahead - including the fight against violence against women.

When they look at Canada, the international community sees a leader in the fight against early and forced marriage, however, they also see the faces of missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

In a joint opinion piece published this morning in Embassy News, Oxfam Canada and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives call on the Government of Canada, Canadian philanthropists and all Canadians to increase their support to women's groups and movements - instrumental in the fight against violence against women.

I encourage you to join Oxfam in its #RememberHerRights campaign - an interactive way to celebrate the results of women’s rights advocates from around the world.

In Solidarity,

Robert Fox
Executive Director
Oxfam Canada


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