Oxfam Canada statement on inequality report released by the Parliamentary Budget Officer

March 10, 2015

Commenting on today’s report on inequality released by the Parliamentary Budget Officer, Kelly Bowden, Oxfam Canada's Inequality Campaign Coordinator, said:
“Today’s report on the impact of growing income inequality on Canada’s fiscal policy framework is another in a steady stream of studies and statistics that paint a picture of growing inequality around the world. As Oxfam’s January report indicated, we will soon live in a world where 1% of the richest people will have more wealth than the rest of humanity combined. In Canada, 10% of Canadians have more wealth than the bottom 70%.
While this trend has been increasing, it is far from inevitable. It is, however, a clear reflection of choices made by governments and corporations around the world, including here in Canada.
As Canadians carefully consider the future of the country in this election year, they are looking to our leaders to frankly address the increase in inequality and implement the viable solutions that would lead to a more equal society.”

Kelly Bowden is available for further comment.


Melanie Gallant
Media Relations

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