Oxfam Canada launches project to ‘Power Up’ women’s political participation in Indonesia

November 30, 2017

(Jakarta) Thanks to a $2.6 million contribution from the Canadian government, Oxfam Canada will harness the power of technology to help Indonesian women develop a stronger voice in their communities and advocate for their rights.

Over the next three years, PowerUp: Shaping Women’s Futures through Technology aims to reach 12,000 people across 52 villages in West Nusa Tenggara province. The region has the highest maternal mortality rate in Southeast Asia, and women need a say in political decisions that affect their health and their lives.

“Many Canadians take for granted the ability to be educated and engaged in the democratic process through their mobile devices. PowerUp will allow more women and girls in Indonesia to access the digital tools they need to mobilize and participate in community decision-making, especially when it comes to access to vital health services,” said Julie Delahanty, Executive Director of Oxfam Canada. 

Through a partnership with VOTO Mobile, Oxfam will work with local partner organizations to encourage women to use mobile devices to better communicate their needs to local leaders and health officials. The project will also improve digital literacy in a population with limited access to technology.

An essential part of the project will be working with men and women to change negative attitudes about maternal healthcare services while strengthening the capacity of local women’s rights organizations to advocate for change.


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